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Global locations

Our campuses form a network that spans the globe, with six locations and the opportunity to move between them.

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Global experience

Gain firsthand experience in as many as three different locations within one year and launch your global career.

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Global careers

Expert career advice from experienced professionals who know the local job market inside out, and how best to enter it.

Global students

With students of 140 nationalities, you get a global perspective and network that goes far beyond the classroom.

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Global faculty

Our faculty have worked with the world’s leading corporations and taught at the finest institutions.

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Global rankings

Our global credentials are confirmed by our position in the rankings, where we are top 10 in seven international categories.

Global campus network

Our campuses form a network that spans the globe, with six locations in five of the world’s most important economic regions: East Coast U.S., West Coast U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and China. Our campuses are right at the center of the business capitals of Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai, as well as a rotation center in New York. Our students are able to move between locations during the course of their program, gaining firsthand experience of as many as three different locations in one year. This Global Rotation program is exclusive to Hult and brings considerable benefits to our students’ careers.

Global Rotation program

Options to maximise your international experience

Students can use our global campus network to tailor their learning experience to their personal and professional goals. Our Global Rotation means you can network in the world’s premier destination for entrepreneurs in San Francisco, learn from the leaders in finance in London, and understand how Shanghai is powering the world’s second largest economy, all within one year. Gain the international experience that is high on employers’ wishlists as you explore the possibilities of your global career.

Global career support

Each of our locations has its own Career Services team. These experienced professionals have expert knowledge of the local job market, how best to enter it depending on your unique background and skill set, and how best to position yourself within it based on your goals. They also have invaluable information on the practical and logistical considerations for each location, such as visas and documentation, résumé conventions, interview tactics, and other essentials. Every location also has a dedicated Corporate Relations team who are out on the ground building relationships with businesses in-region, forming strong partnerships, and creating wider opportunities for our students.

Global student body

We have the most internationally diverse students of any business school. Our student body represents more than 140 nationalities from every corner of the globe, speaking more than 105 languages. The internationalism of our students means that every subject, every discussion takes on a truly global perspective that goes far beyond the classroom. As well as fascinating cultural and business insights, working with such a diverse community of professionals provides invaluable experience of a global work environment. It also means an opportunity to build a worldwide professional network, beginning in the classroom.

Global teaching quality

Our professors are internationally diverse not only in terms of where they come from, but also because of where they have worked and where they have taught. Combining global experience with local expertise, our faculty members have worked with the world’s leading corporations and taught at the finest institutions.

Global ranking position

Our global credentials are confirmed by our position in the rankings, where we excel in international and return on investment categories. The Economist ranks us:
The Economist ranks Hult as the 1st for intenational exchange opportunitiesThe Economist ranks Hult as the 1st for diversity of industries recruiting graduatesThe Economist ranks Hult 6th in internationalism of Alumni
Bloomberg Businessweek ranks us:
Ranked 10th among international schools for employer satisfaction (Businessweek, 2014)
Ranked 21st best international business school (Businessweek, 2014)

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