AI in Action: The Data-Driven Challenge

Embark on a journey into the world of AI with our exciting Hult Business Challenge: AI in Action: The Data-Driven Challenge

Client: An insurance company

Target Market: Customers seeking travel and home insurance

Problem: The insurance company needs to develop a chatbot that can interact with customers and efficiently sell both travel and home insurance.

Challenge: To design an effective AI-driven chatbot, you must consider various data-related questions, such as the types of data needed, data sources, traceability, and collection methods. Additionally, you must address other critical factors beyond data to ensure the solution's successful implementation.

Join us: Work in small teams and tackle this challenge with Professor Terence Tse. Engage in a hands-on, collaborative experience that simulates the real-world role of a tech consultant, and get a true sense of life inside the Hult classroom.

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Thursday, June 13, 2024

9:00am or 5:00pm

1 hour

Online - London BST Timezone

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Dr. Terence Tse

Terence is a professor of finance and the co-author of the bestseller Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using Drive to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends. He also wrote Corporate Finance: The Basics. He is also the co-founder and managing director of Nexus Frontier Tech: An AI Studio.

In addition to providing consulting to the EU and UN, Terence regularly provides commentaries on the latest current affairs and market developments in the Financial Times, the Guardian, and the Economist. He has also appeared on radio and television shows and delivered speeches at the UN, International Monetary Fund, and International Trade Centre.

Previously, Terence worked in mergers and acquisitions at Schroders, Citibank, and Lazard Brothers in Montréal and New York. He also worked in London as a consultant at EY, focusing on UK financial services. He obtained his PhD from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

Expertise includes

Technology Adoption and Diffusion
Financial Management

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