Family Business & Innovation Workshop

This session will discuss the concept of family business and innovation. You'll also have the opportunity to experience for yourself what a live online class with a Hult professor is like.

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December 13, 2023


1 hour

London GMT Timezone

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About the class

In this masterclass, we'll explore the intricate connection between family and business, focusing on the essential role of innovation in ensuring the sustainability and success of family enterprises.

Dr. Totterman, drawing from his personal experiences, aims to provide valuable insights into fostering innovation while preserving the unique values of family businesses. Join us on a journey where tradition meets creation, unraveling the keys to navigating the dynamics of family enterprises in the modern business landscape.

Additionally, we'll delve into the profound responsibility of a business leader as a servant of the community, emphasizing the importance of creating lasting and meaningful contributions beyond personal gain. This perspective reflects a servant-leadership approach, highlighting the noble role of leaders in actively contributing to society and earning financial rewards through impactful and enduring contributions.

Henrik Totterman

Henrik Totterman, D.Sc., CEO of Leadx3m, is a dedicated facilitator of business strategy and business expansion. With a strong background in leadership and academia, Henrik excels in global business problem-solving and champions entrepreneurial management as a mindset.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and professor of practice at Hult and teaching faculty at Harvard, he combines practical experience with educational commitment. Henrik, the Honorary Consul of Finland and official representative of FIBAN - the Finnish Business Angels Network in New England, collaborates closely with innovative companies and institutions aspiring for growth.

Additionally, he serves on the Rektor’s international advisory board and the EMBA advisory board of Hanken School of Economics, and the advisory board of Ascendus, a NYC headquartered non-profit small business financier.

A classroom less ordinary


Teaching at Hult is no ordinary profession—but Hult is no ordinary school. We can’t wait to meet you in the classroom and see just how extraordinary you can be.

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