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Elevate Your Club's Potential with a Transformative Networking Event!

Are you ready to take your club to new heights?

Join us for an exclusive networking event to discover unparalleled opportunities for your members – a collaborative initiative between Your Club/Society and Hult, a triple-accredited Business School.

Event Details

Meet us in Dubai to learn more about Hult's postgraduate programs.

  • Address: Dubai Internet City, Injaz Building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Date: Friday, January 26, 2024

  • Time: 6pm GST

About the event

This event offers a unique chance for your club to connect with other like-minded organizations and professionals while exploring the potential for growth and success.


  • Welcome and introduction: explore the purpose and goals of the networking event.

  • Guest speaker session with panel: gain insights from industry experts and successful leaders.

  • Interactive club networking through business challenge

  • Presentation on Hult summer bootcamp

  • Closing words

Belisa Marochi

Dr. Marochi is a researcher and consultant specializing in sustainability, gender studies, and international relations. She has taught at universities in Denmark, Sweden, the UK, and the US and has acted as a visiting scholar in India and South Africa. Her consulting expertise includes assisting companies like Airbus, Kraft Heinz, and Procter & Gamble in developing consumer insights and sustainability practices.

She holds a PhD in Social Sciences from Roskilde University in collaboration with the University of Birmingham. She also has an Executive MBA from Brown University and IE. Dr. Marochi is a language enthusiast and dedicates herself to studying multiple languages.

Belisa Marochi

A Business School for Those Made to Do


For Those Made to Do

More than a non-profit business school, Hult is a dynamic multicultural community that educates, inspires, and connects some of the world’s most forward-thinking business talent. We flip the traditional approach to education by using learning-by-doing experiences to transform students' skillset, from the moment they join us, into that of an exceptional businessperson, from the moment they graduate.

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