Executive Coaching: Your Future Potential

Starting your Executive MBA journey? This workshop will help you take practical steps toward forging a career that aligns with your true self. Whether you're exploring paths or have identified your preferred role, this course will help you develop your career in line with your vision.

Coach Tariq will guide you through applying design thinking methodology to help you develop meaningful career options. This course is broken down into two-hour classes over two consecutive Saturdays that will:

  • Offer you the space for reflection to come up with actionable ideas for your path ahead
  • Teach you how to connect the dots between your passions, strengths, and values to craft a career vision
  • Give you practical tools and guidance to prepare possible actionable plans
  • Connect you with peers to share, exchange, and support your plans in the year to come

Please make sure you can commit to attending both sessions, before registering.

Session 1: April 20, 2024, 3-5pm GST / 12-2PM BST

Session 2: April 27, 2024, 3-5pm GST / 12-2PM BST

2 hours per session

GST Dubai timezone

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About the workshop

As individuals and organizations, we know it's not what we have done that matters, but what we can do, and could do, next. Yet what we do next might be a repeat, unless we change something. What is that change that will unlock more than was previously possible? What is the key to our future potential?

It is typically driven by three factors:

Future courage … Do we dare to be more than we currently are? Future potential demands personal ambition and drive to go beyond your current world, to let go of what you know, to go further, to enter the unknown.

Future scope …  Do we know where we are heading, and is it the right direction? Future potential demands more opportunity space, more fertile ground to support new growth, to stretch further and wider ahead.

Future capacity … Do we have the talent, creativity, and resources to get there? Future potential demands that we become more, dig deeper into ourselves, to develop new mindsets and future-relevant capabilities.

Without “future potential” you and your business are unlikely to find a better future.

Executive Coach

Tariq Ahmed El Maghrabi

Tariq, an Egyptian with 25+ years of corporate experience in the Middle East, holds senior roles in multinational corporations and public sector organizations. His educational background includes a B.Eng. degree and an MBA.

Starting in 1997, Tariq worked in a Finnish telecommunication company, establishing the Dubai office in 1999. He later held roles in business development, lecturing, and marketing, managing partnerships with companies like Cisco and Symantec.

Passionate about learning, Tariq holds certifications as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Lead Auditor and a Certified Lead Assessor for the Business Excellence Model from EFQM. Currently pursuing PMP-AMP certification, he completed the Global AMP at IE Business School in Madrid.

Currently, Tariq serves as the Executive Director for the Enrichment Program managed by IE Business School in collaboration with AlTamayyuz Academy, aligning with Saudi Aramco's vision 2030.

Additional Coaching Expertise

  • Advanced Selling Skills
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Improving Your Sales Skills
  • Customer Care & Telephone Skills
  • Supervisory Management Skills
  • Managing a Successful Sales Team
  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Etiquette for Excellent Customer Service

I’ve learned that leadership is not a title or position—it’s an action. I now have a whole range of tools to rapidly respond to any challenge.

Kashani Wijetunga

British/New Zealander/Sri Lankan


Doing my EMBA at Hult was all about growing my network, developing new leadership techniques, and upskilling for a new generation of business.

David Castro


Class of 2020 

I love the cultural and industry diversity within the network. Hult students are placed at the helm of so many different industries and they gain the skills to make a real impact. I’ve hired more than 10 Hult grads myself.

Vineet Daniels



The curriculum is intense but the professors are always available to guide us. Hult really cares about each student and takes each one of our career goals into consideration.

Sofia Abu-Ghaben