Mastering the Art of Leadership: Unlocking Your Likability and Influence

Whether you are an experienced leader or just starting your leadership journey, this sample class will give you the skills and knowledge to unlock your likability and influence and become a more effective and impactful leader.

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June 27, 2023

10am or 5pm

1 hour

Boston EDT Timezone

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About the class

In this masterclass, we will explore the key principles and strategies that will help you become a likable and influential leader. We will delve into the science of human behavior and how you can leverage this knowledge to build stronger relationships with your team, colleagues, and stakeholders. From effective communication to emotional intelligence, we will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to create a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration.

Dr. Amanda Nimon Peters

Dr. Amanda Nimon-Peters is a professor of leadership at Hult International Business School. She started university at age 16 and holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of Adelaide and a PhD in Behavioural Science from the University of Cambridge.

Amanda’s work addresses leadership challenges by combining a deep scientific understanding with her senior management experiences as a team leader at Procter & Gamble in Europe, a board director for a UK housing charity, and a successful start-up founder in Dubai.

Expertise includes

Data Management
Decision Making

A classroom less ordinary


Teaching at Hult is no ordinary profession—but Hult is no ordinary school. We can’t wait to meet you in the classroom and see just how extraordinary you can be.

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