London Campus Open House

Curious to find out what it's like to be a student at Hult in London? We're opening our doors for future students to discover Hult this Fall.

Come and join us for the day at Hult's Campus in the heart of London and get a first taste of Hult's global community. Network with your future classmates, experience a Masterclass, chat with current students, and learn from our alumni. Afterward, join us for networking drinks to bond further with your potential future classmates!

Event Details

Meet us in London to learn more about Hult's global postgraduate programs.

  • Address: 37-38 John St, London WC1N 2AT

  • Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023

  • Time: 1:00 PM

About the event

See agenda below:


  • 1:00 PM: Welcome Lunch

  • 1:45 PM: Masterclass from Hult Professor Catherine de la Poer

  • 3:45 PM: Postgraduate Programs Presentation & Current Student and Alumni Panel

  • 4:15 PM: Campus Tour

  • 4:30PM: Networking Drinks

Catherine de la Poer

Catherine de la Poer is a leadership coach. She works across all organizational levels from the executive committee through to first-time managers and hi-potentials, delivering 1-2-1 and team coaching and culture change programs. Catherine’s digital portfolio includes working with tech teams leading digital transformation as well as engineering teams seeking to build emotional intelligence muscle.

Catherine’s style is pragmatic, reflective, and compassionate with a commercial edge. She is passionate about a whole-person-centered approach to coaching and talent development. Emotional intelligence (EQ) forms the centerpiece of her work.

Catherine is an in-demand keynote speaker and hosts Sheridan Worldwide’s Future of Work podcast. She writes and blogs regularly on topics such as human-centered leadership, emotional intelligence, trust, agility, resilience, and wellbeing.

Catherine de la Poer

A business school for those made to do


For Those Made to Do

More than a non-profit business school, Hult is a dynamic multicultural community that educates, inspires, and connects some of the world’s most forward-thinking business talent. We flip the traditional approach to education by using learning-by-doing experiences to transform students' skillset, from the moment they join us, into that of an exceptional businessperson, from the moment they graduate.

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