Accepted Students Get-Together in Dubai

Whether you are an amateur or a golf pro, join me at TopGolf Dubai for an exclusive event hosted for our Accepted Students from UAE.

This is an amazing opportunity for both parents and students to meet and interact with other accepted students during an evening of fun, games, and food in true Hult fashion.

Make sure you RSVP in advance. #HeadingToHult #ForThoseMadeToDo

Event Details

Please use the link below to RSVP

  • Address: Topgolf Dubai Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Hills 2 Dubai 000 United Arab Emirates

  • Date: February 3, 2024

  • Time: 3pm-5pm

What makes this event so special?

Don’t you just love celebrating and socializing with people over a good meal? Some of the best conversations are had over food. It’s an opportunity to relax, share stories and experiences on a fun, friendly, and delicious basis. And in your case, it’s the perfect time to celebrate your huge achievement on being accepted to Hult with everyone else that got accepted!

Grab a seat among your soon-to-be classmates and start building those all-important friendships, all before you even arrive on campus.

It’s time for fun

  • Get yourself dressed up and make sure you’ve got room in your stomach.

  • Food is served, conversations are flowing, numbers are being exchanged—your Hult life is starting!

Hult prepares us for a very international business world that’s always changing. We’re ready for a global business environment because that’s how we study.

Elisa Orus Plana


Class of 2021

Mon conseiller m'a soutenu tout le long en m'aidant à me préparer, en parlant avec mes parents, je me sentais comme à la maison avant même d'arriver.

Nour Abdelaziz


Classe de 2020