Global Citizen Fund

A grant from Hult, for the future leaders of global business

The Global Citizen Fund Pathway is an exclusive opportunity tailored for exceptional students exhibiting a strong alignment with the core values of Hult. Designed to support your academic journey, this pathway not only provides financial assistance for your international studies, but also offers an immersive campus visit, enabling you to envision your future at Hult. Our aim is to support your success from application to post-graduation and beyond.

Global Citizen Fund

How to Participate

Take the opportunity to speak to one of our enrollment advisors, who will asssess your eligibility and potentially invite you to partake in the Global Citizen Fund Pathway.

  • 30 minutes

  • Multiple dates available

Program Details

  • Application Open: Now
  • Application Coaching: 7-14 days of personalized guidance
  • In-person or Video Assessment Interview: Schedule a discussion with your dedicated Enrolment Advisor
  • Campus Visit - London Open House: Explore the possibilities with our Enrolment Advisors
  • Results Announcement: Receive your outcome within one week of a successful interview
  • Seat Confirmation: Upon acceptance, secure your spot within 1 to 2 weeks by paying the matriculation fees.

Benefits: Gain a $10,000 USD tuition grant, a dual degree grant, and an exclusive Campus Visit + Interview experience with our Enrolment Officers in London or online.

Selection Criteria: We will assess your academic achievements, your potential to contribute to the Hult community, the alignment with Hult's values and philosophy, your demonstration of global awareness and adaptability, as well as your capacity to excel in a diverse and dynamic educational environment. Additionally, the enthusiasm for personal and professional growth, leadership potential, and the ability to positively impact the global business landscape will also be considered. Space is limited for the Global Citizen Fund Pathway, and meeting the selection criteria does not guarantee a spot.

Enrollment advisors are here to help

During this consultation, we will be available to take an in-depth look at your profile. The meeting will also give you an insight into how studying at Hult could fulfil your personal, academic and career goals. You will learn about our unique Global Campus Rotation program, application requirements, and upcoming application deadline and scholarship opportunities for our programs.


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