Alumni Led Scholarships

The Hult experience lasts beyond your one year on campus. After you graduate, the Hult Alumni Association provides you with continual support through a series of initiatives designed to boost your career.

Patricia Escudero Scholarship

Hult currently provides two (2) alumni led scholarships - the Patricia Escudero Scholarship and the Shifaruh Scholarship. These were founded and sponsored by Hult Alumni. Below are further details and application criteria for the scholarships.

Patricia Escudero Scholarship

The Patricia Escudero Memorial Scholarship was created by the Class of 2000, in memory of of their classmate, Patricia. The Scholarship is structured under the International Business Education Foundation (IGBEF), whose mission statement is:

  1. To promote and support the values and beliefs of a culturally diverse and truly international graduate business education
  2. To support Hult International Business School in admitting the most qualified and promising students by providing the school with the means to supplement the cost of education
  3. To celebrate the memory and spirit of Patricia Escudero by providing meaningful financial assistance to students who demonstrate a similar commitment to success and dedication of self

The IGBEF granted its first scholarship to a student from the class of 2003, with funds donated by the class of 2000 and faculty and staff from the school. The foundation is managed by a steering committee formed by alumni of the class of 2000, friends of Patricia, and staff from the school.

Basic requirements:

This scholarship is available to applicants to Hult International Business School who meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be in need of financial aid. In other words, the candidate would not be able to afford the studies through self-financing
  2. Should not be fully sponsored by any company or organization
  3. Must maintain a minimum 3.4 GPA throughout the entire course **

Essay Evaluation:

An essay of maximum 500 words is required on the following topic:

Describe one event in your personal and professional life where you overcame significant adversity in order to achieve a goal

  1. Your essay must be submitted in Word format. Please note that PDF, Power Point and any format other than Word will not be accepted
  2. Use Arial font, size 10, and must fit on one (1) page
  3. Don't include extra pages for your contact details. Just write one line at the beginning of your essay with the following: Your full name, date of birth, email address and phone number.


The top 3 candidates will be interviewed by at least one member of the Patricia Escudero Scholarship's Steering Committee. Interviews will be conducted in person, where possible, or via conference call.


**Awardee must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 throughout the entire course. Failure to do so may result in the awardee being asked to pay the remainder of the tuition fee in order to complete the program. Any decision will be made upon review by the scholarship Steering Committee.


About Patricia Escudero

Shortly after joining the MSM program in the Fall of 1999, Patricia was diagnosed with cancer. She continued to attend classes throughout the fall and spring, juggling studies and class assignments with radiation and chemotherapy sessions. She was determined to complete the MSM program, despite the hardships placed on her by the effects of her disease.

Patricia's impressive strength and determination served as a role model to many. Her dedication to her teammates and the class as a whole, brought light and life to all those around her. Nonetheless, in July of 2000 Patricia succumbed to the disease. She was three weeks short of graduating.

Applications for 2013/2014 are now closed.