Hult Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

  • Alain Berger, 1997 MBA

    Edge Advisors, Switzerland

    Edge Advisors (Switzerland) offers services to institutional investors and individual traders around the world, in the areas of technical analysis, market behavior, and systematic investment.

    “To support our services in the areas of technical analysis, market behavior, and systematic investment, I developed a tool, called the ABChannels, which is an analysis tool integrating four key statistic components and concepts on the evolution of a price series (which is the price of the underlying instrument), with the objective of forecasting high probability turning points. The ABChannels actually integrate the concepts of cycle, trend, volatility, and probability. Traders and investors love it!

    How did I come up with the idea? I started trading in 2006. Trading is very competitive, and in order to stay competitive and survive I started to make extensive analysis on the behavior of the market. While looking for potential trades, I was trying to understand the behavior of the market, instead of trying to anticipate the next economic figure to be issued. Through these observations, I understood that actually markets are being moved by human behavior (buying and selling), and that humans are behaving the same way wherever they are, and whatever the instruments they trade. I analyzed crowd behavior, and understanding it allowed me to anticipate the movement of the markets. When I develop a new strategy, I concentrate on developing it on the basis of human intuition, and only then do I backtest it. This approach allows me to now offer services to investors through a different approach, focusing rather on the market behavior instead of the fundamental and traditional analysis approach. For the future, my plans are to continue analyzing market behaviors.”