Hult Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

  • Hadeel Muhareb, 2012 MIB

    Mint Social, United Arab Emirates

    Mint Social (U.A.E.) is a boutique social media agency offering a suite of digital marketing services from social media management, social media marketing, SEM services (paid advertising), digital graphic design, email marketing, blogging, and content writing for a variety of businesses.

    “The idea for Mint Social evolved when I moved to Dubai and started working for a social media agency. Having a background in marketing, I fell in love with the evolving social media industry and thought this could be my career. However, after a while I wasn’t happy with the agency I was working for and how they were running things. I kept thinking to myself I could do this so much better. It was my husband who finally encouraged me to do it ‘better’ and start on my own. I had a lot of contacts I could start with so I felt confident I could do it. The day after I left the company I started making calls to all my contacts and within that week signed three clients! It was really exciting at first because people were very supportive about me starting my own business and eager to sign on.

    It’s very inspiring being a budding entrepreneur because other entrepreneurs love helping you. I think because they went through the same thing when they started and know what it’s like to take a risk and go out on your own; it’s vulnerable and scary, but in the end you gain a lot of respect for taking that chance. Although people were supportive, starting an entire business on my own was a huge challenge. All of sudden you become responsible for every aspect of your business, things you have never done before, things you maybe hate doing. You have to do it all. I had to teach myself everything, sometimes spending days trying to learn how to combat one task. Many times I felt in over my head and would think I had no idea what I was doing, and wonder if it was a huge mistake. Those moments are tough because it is very easy to just give up, but that is when you have to seek advice and support from friends and family. I was lucky enough to have my husband help me every step of the way and I don’t think I would have been able to do it without him.

    At this time I am pretty content with how the business is running, I have a small clientele. But I like it that way, it allows me to focus on my clients and create high quality work instead of quantity. To me I think when you start something new, it’s important to really deepen yourself within that field before growing, I wanted to become an expert at what I do, and every day I am still learning. I would like to expand and grow into a larger agency someday, but feel confident that I’ll know when I really am ready to go further. Hopefully soon!”

  • John Vardis, 2000 MBA

    TheDiamondAnalyst, United States

    TheDiamondAnalyst (U.S.) advises clients how to buy right through a personalized and educational experience in the intriguing world of diamonds. The company grew out of the need to provide jewelry clients with a personalized, integrated guide through the complicated diamond buying and jewelry purchasing processes.

    “ grew out of the need to provide jewelry clients with a personalized, integrated guide through the complicated diamond buying and jewelry purchasing processes. Successful diamond acquisition and investment decisions require specific knowledge and the right access to the market. So set out to establish a new standard for integrity and expertly sourced advice on diamonds. Because each diamond shape and quality has its own investment profile clients needed to understand the specifications before spending tens of thousands of dollars on a purchase with an added emotional significance. TheDiamondAnalyst advises on how to buy right through a personalized and educational experience in the intriguing world of diamonds.”

  • Aya Fisher, 2010 MBA

    AF Consulting, United Arab Emirates

    AF Consulting (U.A.E.) service offerings focus on solving corporate challenges. Services include everything from brand strategy and creation, all the way through to the marketing strategy and implementation.

    “I was very frustrated with my previous work experiences in the corporate world. When my last position didn't work out, I decided that instead of giving everything I had to someone else, I would try to put all my efforts to see what I could make out of my skills on my own. I branched out and started tapping into my network to see what marketing needs were not being met that I could capitalize on. The service offerings I extend really focus on solving the problems I was encountering, including everything from brand strategy & creation, all the way through to the marketing strategy and implementation. As time is passing, I am realizing that focusing on some niche areas as the core of my business would probably be of great benefit and I am working towards narrowing my focus and developing a ‘package’ that I can offer to clients to get them started out on the right foot. Essentially no success is achieved alone, however, and I have been really lucky to have a group of amazing people whose skills compliment mine in order to deliver quality results to our clients. I ensure that I work with experts in their fields and never claim to be all-knowing in everything marketing-related. I don't think being a jack-of-all-trades is how clients will really value the work being delivered and, I would argue more importantly, is the process you jointly go through to get there.”

  • Lissa Regets & Hailee Turpin, 2011 MIB

    Bright Evolutions, United States

    Bright Evolutions (U.S.) equips fitness professionals and gym owners with the tools needed to create a multi-screen workout experience for their members, improve member engagement, and generate online membership sales.

    “Our advice for Hult grads looking to start up their own business is to network, network, network. Partnerships are invaluable and are sometimes worth more than money, especially when starting out. Don't be afraid to be creative with partnerships. Set up trade agreements and one-of-a-kind contracts. Be honest, create trust and follow through on your promises.”

    “One of the funniest moments of our entrepreneurial journey was when we were competing in a pitch competition for funding at Arizona State University. Hailee had flown in from Vancouver to help deliver the pitch and had to fly out the next day, when the results were going to be announced. No one from our team, in fact, could be in attendance during the announcement as our team at the time was based in multiple states/countries. At about 10K feet in the air, Hailee turned on her phone so she could find out if we had placed in the competition. We actually had taken first place and won our first round of funding. She tried her best to hide her excitement among a quiet plane of travelers. Meanwhile, I am pretty sure I scared a couple people at the red light I was waiting at when I got the call (I screamed pretty loud). Needless to say, our reaction to winning our first round of funding was nothing short of loud and proud!”

    Lissa Regets & Hailee Turpin

  • Maciej Grzybowski, 2012 MIB

    Hanpo, Poland

    Hanpo LLC (Poland) crosses borders, time zones, languages, and customs. Its three main offices are located in Poland (Poznan and Warsaw) and in South Korea (Seoul). The Hanpo team works to bridge business and cultural relations between Poland and South Korea.

    “In 2007, the European Commission began negotiations with South Korean government on drafting the trade agreement, which became the four years later the first Free Trade Agreement between the EU and any Asian country four. In 2009, when the agreement was signed, Hanpo Company was set up in response to the new opportunities for business cooperation between Poland and Korea that the FTA had created. With the growing demand to tighten the trade exchange between the countries, a niche in services has appeared for both sides for business and legal consulting, translation, and cultural etiquette trainings. Hanpo is a Polish company with international reach, crossing borders time zones, languages, and customs. Its three main offices are located in Poland (Poznan and Warsaw) and in South Korea (Seoul). The Hanpo team travels around the world throughout the year, working to bridge business and cultural relations between both sides. The main destinations for the business activities undertaken by Hanpo are not limited to Warsaw and Seoul; our team works in New York, London, Tokyo, and Yangon. Our logo incorporates the symbols of both countries: the white-tailed eagle is the Polish national emblem and the tiger symbolizes South Korea as one of the four Asian tigers. Hanpo is also now in the process of setting up its sister company, Hanpo IT Solutions.”

  • Joshua Jones, 2010 MBA

    JJones Consulting, United States

    JJones Conuslting, LLC—U.S. is a boutique management consulting practice in the political campaign sector that I established after completing my MBA. The ability to persuade and motivate individuals with shared values and strategic objectives is critical to achieving a competitive advantage through a grassroots campaign, and I am proud to contribute to the disruptive innovation in the industry to ultimately deliver a better product to the market. Notable clients include Ron Paul for President, Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate, Tom Pauken for Texas Governor, and Ben Streusand for U.S. Congress, all of whom are unafraid to challenge the status quo, take political risks, lead with a bottom-up approach, and remain uncompromising in their principles.

  • Dmitry Plotnikov, 2006 MBA

    Moscow Consulting Group, Russian Federation

    The Moscow Consulting Group (Russia) adds tangible value for several dozens of clients in various industries and functions, and united several hundred consultants and experts from all around the world into a unique and beneficial network.

    “Moscow Consulting Group (MCG) was established by former McKinsey & Company consultants Dmitry Plotnikov (MBA, Hult International Business School) and Vitaly Gordon (MBA, London Business School) in 2010. Back then we realized a growing demand for quality consulting services serving companies of different sizes and growth stages in Russia and the CIS. We started with servicing mid-sized companies, which fell below the radar of large management consulting firms like McKinsey or BCG, but which still faced strategic business and operational challenges. Our clients needed timely, logical, actionable plans grounded in demonstrated successes to evolve and succeed in the contemporary business environment. Since 2010 we have proved the sustainability and robustness of our business model, added tangible value for several dozens of clients in various industries and functions, and united several hundred consultants and experts from all around the world into a unique and beneficial network.”

    “The greatest value from Hult time was the confidence and perspectives I obtained thanks to classes and networking with different students not only from Hult but also from other business schools based in Boston—this enabled me to move from corporate marketing to top consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Hult also helped me understand basics of management consulting industry through a management consulting project for Eurasia Group and I am very grateful for that opportunity and the final result—my company which I consider as not only my personal achievement but also a common achievement with Hult. Hult achieved its mission in my case—by adding great value and helping me go global.”

  • Tena Pick & Joshua Rajkumar, 2012 MSE

    The Sustainability Platform, United Arab Emirates

    The Sustainability Platform (U.A.E.) is a social impact consultancy that helps companies integrate social business principles into their core operations. We believe that the move from a purely for-profit business model to a more sustainable business practices has a positive impact on the business’s triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

    “Regional trends show costumers expect businesses to go beyond their core operations and play a valuable role in their community. The Sustainability Platform focuses on three main areas: CSR consulting, NGO consulting, and small and medium enterprise consulting. In each of the tracks we focus on maximizing the impact of every dollar invested in social business practices and on the scaling of the social impact. Our clients include The Sameness Project, Wonderbag Turkey, and Anubandha, an Indian NGO that deals with urban slum education. We work all over the MENA region, including in India, Pakistan, and Palestine. One of the main services we offer is social impact measurement. For most companies, the biggest challenge is determining how much positive social change is actually created with every dollar invested in the particular project. To quantify the impact we use the SROI (social return on investment) method. The highlight of our entrepreneurial journey so far has been the Knowledge Partner of Social Enterprise Week, the only gathering of social entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Our long-term goal is to make The Sustainability Platform the leader in the sustainability and social impact consulting field in the region and South Asia.”

    “Our time at Hult has helped us realize the full potential of the social enterprise sector and equipped us with the tools needed to start a company from scratch. Our colleagues from our time at Hult have become our most valuable network of changemakers across the globe.”

  • Pranay Kumar, 2008 MBA

    Vasudha, India

    Vasudha Projects Private Limited (India) incorporates three brands: Greenworks (water, solid waste management, sanitation: large scale & retail); TruBlu (products for water both community and industrial); and Ecopure (biodegradable plastic packaging, unique in the world); all of which were born out of a passion towards the environment.

    Read more about Vasudha Projects here

    “My advice for Hult grads looking to set up their own business is have a lot of passion, love the challenge, keep it simple, and work hard. Your business will become your whole life so make sure you have family, friends, and loved ones very close for daily comfort and distraction.”