Information for students

As a Hult student on Hult Connect, you’ll benefit from the professional advice alumni offer, and your shared Hult experience.

Getting started

To join Hult Connect, students must have the following Career Development milestones approved by their Career Advisor:

  • Resume in the Hult format
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Career Plan A, B, C

Career Advisors have full discretion when determining a student’s eligibility to gain access to Hult Connect. Please see the Rules of Conduct for participating students below.


Registering for Hult Connect

  • Students must meet the requirements (see above) to gain access to the platform.
  • Career Advisors determine if a student meets the requirements by selecting ‘Hult Connect Eligibility Approved’ on a student’s myCareer profile. 
  • Student eligibility is at the full discretion of their Career Advisor.

All students who meet the requirements will be eligible to register for Hult Connect. Each student must read the program’s Rules of Conduct prior to registration (see below). Students will gain full access by registering for Hult Connect where they can access the alumni directory and start connecting with the global network. New student users are reviewed, approved and updated on Hult Connect every Friday.

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Searching for alumni

Students will be able to search for alumni in the following ways:

  • Name
  • Geography
  • Nationality
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job Title
  • Degree Program
  • Interests 

Rules of Conduct for participating students

  • Respect alumni time (and your own) by identifying and connecting with alumni whose profile, background, and current professional role is relevant to your professional and personal plans.
  • Be professional, know your objectives, and be clear how your potential mentor may be of help.
  • Take the initiative to set goals and objectives from the very start, and drive the relationship.
  • Prepare any questions you have for the alum you’d like to connect with in advance, and be open to suggestions and advice.
  • Be considerate, and prompt with meetings, calls, and emails.
  • Express your appreciation! Let the alum know when and how he or she has helped you, and look for opportunities to return the favor.
  • Respect and protect confidential professional and personal information shared by the alum.
  • Report to your Hult Career Advisor any incidents of unprofessional conduct or behavior observed.