The Leadership Experience

Our immersive Leadership Experience program empowers your leaders to confront tomorrow’s leadership challenges, condensing years of learning into days.

The Leadership Experience


It normally takes 10 years of bitter experience in the field for a leader to acquire the knowledge contained in this program. Thanks to our extensive research findings, you have the opportunity to condense this learning into just a few days. You will learn key lessons on your own terms and practice your responses to situations in a safe environment. By experiencing some of the critical incidents that you’re likely to face as a leader, you’ll be equipped and supported to deal with them more effectively as they arise.

Who is this for?

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High-potential managers or specialists possibly on a fast-track towards greater leadership responsibility.

They are looking to accelerate their leadership growth by several years, and are intrigued by the idea of a uniquely immersive simulation that will deliberately place them under carefully measured stress.

This program is not for the faint hearted, but in the future, when it really matters, participants will be far better equipped to respond to uncertain and volatile environments

Program structure

A few of the situations you’ll encounter include:

  • Stepping up to take responsibility and to lead
  • Making decisions within uncertain, ambiguous contexts
  • Delivering results through and with others
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Managing stress and recovery

This experience is the ultimate test run, allowing you to assess your readiness for leadership and prepare for likely challenges. It's not for the faint of heart, but in the future, when it really matters, you'll know what to do.


Dates & Fees

Program length

3.5 days


05 Nov - 08 Nov 2019

11 Nov - 13 Nov 2019 (Dubai)

24 Feb - 26 Feb 2020 (Saudi)

10 Mar - 13 Mar 2020

12 May - 15 May 2020


Fee: £5,500 + VAT
$6,500 - Middle East

Onsite accommodation is charged separately to your program fee, to find out what's included please read our fee information here



“A unique opportunity for experiential learning and development. Outstanding.”

Jonathan Walmsley – The Marsden Group, Executive Management

“Simulation is a very innovative, unexpected and insightful way to learn”

Alexey Zavyalov – JTI, HR Manager

“The course provides a safe environment for leaders to test their skills under pressure, focusing on both the individual and their ability to effectively operate as part of a team”

Owen Thomas – Akeso, Consultant


Vicki Culpin

Vicki Culpin

BA(Hons) MPhil, PhD, MSc

Max Neal

Max Neal


John Neal

Sona Sherratt

BA(Hons), MSc Honours


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