The Transformational Leader

The Transformational Leader is a deeply personal program for managers who have already experienced the challenges of leadership and want to grow on a professional and personal level.


Through a series of stretching transformational experiences all taking place within a supportive environment, participants will start to embrace their next level of development.

This innovative program is based on one of the latest Hult Ashridge leadership research and is run by the authors of the book Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times (Routledge, 2020).

The Transformational Leader takes participants on a journey beyond the traditional cognitive learning frame, including emotions and sensing as triggers for development. Participants will experience learning as a process of collective sense-making, in a safe environment. The program culminates in a reflective day immersed in the natural eco-system of the Ashridge forest

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Who is this for?

For senior-level managers, with a minimum of 5 years of experience in leading people and a desire to develop their leadership approach and personal effectiveness. Participants must already be comfortable with many tactical areas of leadership such as giving feedback, having difficult conversations and conducting performance reviews.

Format & Dates

Program format

**Blended: **

  • Introductory coaching call

  • 5-day residential module

  • 2-hour follow up webinar

  • 4 hours of executive coaching


**Blended: **

  • 28 Jun – 2 July 2021


£7,000 + VAT

Onsite accommodation is charged separately to your program fee, to find out what's included please read our fee information here

Program Impact

Impact for participants:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what has made them successful so far, what they believe is important and what they need to change

  • Clarify their ambition and (re)discover their unique purpose in life

  • Know and reframe their disempowering inner critic, beliefs, patterns and tempting ego traps

  • Strengthen their personal resilience through greater self-awareness and self-care practices​

  • Learn how to work with organizations as complex, adaptive living systems and interdependent value chains, in order to unleash the potential in people

Impact for the organization:

  • Senior leaders will develop their capacity to be agile and respond effectively ‘in the moment’ to emerging situations
  • Participants will gain insight into their preferred leadership intelligence and how to effectively blend different approaches into their roles back in the workplace.
  • Participants will return to work with the ability to shift some disempowering patterns, remain positive and as a result have an increased ability to innovate and experiment.
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people talking outdoors at ashridge

“This is a transformational experience. I feel intellectually and humanly enriched by the program and by the diversity of the peer group.”

Claudia Calori, General Manager Garment Care, Philips

“Amazing, a real eye opener to myself.”

Sara Kirsop, Finance Director, Digital Rights Group

“The program went far beyond my expectations. The combination of the latest research with deep personal reflection and group support was absolutely unique.”

Antonia Borneo, Global Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Royal College of Nursing

“Don’t expect a traditional leadership course. Be open to a deep journey into yourself that will fundamentally transform you and help you become a better leader and a better person.”

Nathalie Bellens, Transformation Program Director, Ontex

Our Faculty

Colin Williams

Colin Williams


Sharon Olivier

Sharon Olivier


Megan Reitz

Megan Reitz

MA (Cantab), MSc, MRes, PhD

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