Cultivating Resilient Leaders Through Executive Coaching

September 17th, 2 pm GMT+1

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The recent pandemic has certainly been one of the biggest challenges facing a whole generation of leaders.

As they encounter an increased need to respond quickly and effectively to new challenges while continuing to lead their teams, resilience is key to ensure leaders can navigate this ongoing period of crisis whilst learning and not burning out. With improved resilience comes less stress and consequently better performance. But what might help build resilience in one person is not necessarily the same for someone else.

Join this live webinar with Naysan Firoozmand MSc C.Psychol, Head of Global Executive Coaching at Hult Ashridge and Marie-Anne Chidiac, Executive Coach at Hult Ashridge to explore how coaching can help you develop and maintain your own brand of resilience, and overcome ongoing challenges.

This 45-minute live session will explore:

  • Challenges faced by leaders during the pandemic and how these have affected them personally, their teams and organizations with specific reference to the impact on their resilience
  • Different ways to use resilience coaching to navigate through difficult times
  • How to develop leadership skills to be mindful, self-aware, and able to cope with new challenges that arise from crisis to maintain wellbeing and to continue leading your people effectively.

When? September 17th, 2 pm GMT+1

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Speaker: Naysan Firoozmand

BSc MSc CPsychol AFBPsS​

Naysan is inspired and intrigued by human behavior and the influencing factors around why people do things the way they do them within their specific context. Naysan is a Chartered Business Psychologist and has, for the past 18 years, worked with clients around the world to design and deliver behavior change programs focused on leadership, management, and organizational development. He utilizes his knowledge and experience of different sectors, including finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, energy, and technology, to highlight the similarities and differences between contexts that leaders find themselves in. ​

At Hult Ashridge, Naysan heads up the global executive coaching team who collectively supports the implementation of individual and team-based coaching to clients all over the world. He works with leaders in a very practical way, using his background in coaching, facilitation, and psychology to allow people he works with to try new techniques and gain in personal confidence to do things with greater skill. ​


Speaker: Dr Marie-Anne Chidiac

MSc, DPsych

Marie-Anne is an experienced coach and coach supervisor. Her distinctiveness is that she both understands business and is qualified to work with deeper aspects of personal change. Her particular interest is in Leadership presence and how this is supported through resilience and relational skills.

Marie-Anne is a Registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). She holds an MBA from Ashridge Business School as well as an MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Her doctoral thesis focused on the synthesis of Gestalt psychotherapy and organizational development.

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