6th Relational Coaching Conference

6th Relational Coaching Conference

“Love Over Fear”

What to expect

A day organised around the quest to bring more love to work, organisations and the political world of today. An opportunity to stand still and deeply understand the power of the love that we use in our work.

We can see many forms that our love might take - respect, empathic understanding, dignity, humanity, warmth, unconditional positive regard, containment, libido, eros, agape - so many nuances of feeling.

Meanwhile, organisations are experienced as fractious, politics are ugly and the pressures on leaders are immense. So, what can coaches do to help out and not succumb to these forces? Are we not just small, external, insignificant service providers; often self-employed outsiders with no stronger weapons than our notebooks and pens, and on a good day our reflective minds?

We have thought long and hard about what it is coaches are trying to offer and what it is that we are up against. We wonder if what we offer is “love”, at least in our best work, where we see and use the point of view of the boss, the opponent, the client’s ‘better half’, whilst also being entirely on the side of the client, and ‘creatively indifferent’ to the outcome of the work. And we think what we are up against is “fear”: fear that we might be wrong, outnumbered, past our sell-by dates, insignificant, or endangered. This kind of fear guides us not to listen to the other 50% on the referendum ballot or closes us down to learning just-in-time and just-what-we-need to make our time in office a success.

In this conference we are inviting you to take a fresh look at love and fear. Can we have empathy for ourselves in our not-knowing, self-doubting, occasionally fearful state of minds – even our hatred, shame, envy and disgust – in order to allow for love and care?

Event details

Date: Thursday 25th June 2020

Venue: Ashridge House, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1NS

Set in 190 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens and located just 30 minutes north of London.

Conference team

Erik de Haan, Charlotte Sills, David Birch, Jennifer Potten


08:30-09:30 | Welcome Teas & Coffees

09:30-09:40 | Introduction – David Birch

09:40-10:45 | Keynote Speaker - Plenary

10:45-11:30 | Panel Session AM – Love and Hate in Organisations – with the speaker and workshop holders

11:30-11:45 | Tea & Coffee Break

11:45-13:00 | Parallel Workshops I

13:00-14:00 | Lunch

14:00-14:30 | Robin Shohet – “Love over Fear” Plenary Keynote

14:30-15:30 | Parallel Workshops II – What does it mean for us as relational coaches?

15:30-15:45 | Tea & Coffee Break

15.45-16:30 | Panel Session PM – “Implications for practice and research”

16:30-17:00 | Close – Charlotte Sills wrapping up the day

17:00 | Drinks & informal conversations

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