Creating Agile Organizations: Developing your leadership intelligence

January 19th, 1 pm GMT

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What does it take for senior leaders to build more agile organizations? How can leaders reframe their view of the organization?

It’s never been more pressing for leaders and organizations to be able to quickly adapt and respond to the challenges thrown their way.

In today’s world, developing leadership agility across the organization is vital to the success of your people and business operations. Agile leadership means thinking and acting differently depending on the context, and deploying specific types of leadership intelligence. We suggest that leadership is a process, rather than simply a person or a position.

In this free webinar, Sharon Olivier, Dr Frederick Hölscher, and Colin Williams, members of faculty at Hult Ashridge, will address the fundamental question of “How does the need for organizational agility change the way we lead?”. This is based on 5 years of research with more than 300 leaders across the world.

Join this 60-minute live session to explore:

  • A new lens through which to view leadership
  • Why an understanding of organizations as complex living ecosystems helps us lead more effectively
  • A unique model presenting three intelligences used as ways of seeing, sense-making, and responding with agility
  • What each leadership intelligence brings as strengths and weaknesses
  • How to develop your leadership and organizational agility

Speakers: Sharon Olivier, Dr Frederick Hölscher, and Colin Williams members of faculty at Hult Ashridge Executive Education and authors of ‘Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times’ published by Routledge, January 2021.

When? January 19th, 1 pm GMT

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Our expert speakers:

Sharon Olivier

Sharon is a Senior Faculty in Leadership Development and HR & Talent at Hult Ashridge. She is an inspirational speaker and previous business owner of a management consulting firm. Sharon teaches, researches, and consults in Strategic HR; Leading in the 21st century, Ego, Eco and Intuitive intelligence in leadership, Engagement, Polarity Management, Diversity and Inclusion, The neuro-science of reframing unhelpful patterns, and Heart Intelligence. She has also co-published a book on Personal Resilience ‘Diamonds in the Dust’.

Sharon holds a MA in Industrial Psychology. She is a Master Practitioner in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and a PNI practitioner (psychoneuroimmunology) and has over 20 years of experience working as a Senior Leader/ OD consultant/Learning Facilitator/Coach/Speaker. Throughout her career, she's worked with an extensive list of clients including Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, NATO, Lufthansa, Egyptian Banking Council, VW, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, De Beers, Anglo America, Sage Life, University of Johannesburg, and Sasol International.


Frederick Hölscher - PhD

Frederick teaches, researches, and consults in the areas of leadership and diversity, with a particular focus on innovative ways of developing ‘leadership intelligence’ (Ego, Eco- and Intuitive Intelligence) when faced with the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. He has developed practical ways on leveraging the potential of diversity in the workplace, taking diversity beyond its physical appearance, like gender and ethnicity, to the levels of diversity of thoughts and beliefs, managing paradox, and leveraging polarities.

Before joining Ashridge Executive Education as a member of faculty, Frederick was based in South Africa and worked primarily as an international consultant and educator across industries, the public sector, and other civil society organizations. Fredrick has a PhD in Sociology. With a specific emphasis on dialogue as means of transformation, Frederick has successfully applied these conceptual insights in transforming government and businesses during the times of change in the pre-and-post Mandela area in South Africa.

Colin Williams

Colin Williams is Professor of Practice and Adjunct Faculty at Hult Ashridge Executive Education. His work focuses on leadership development, organizational change, and multi-cultural working. He has been involved in a number of major research projects and publishes extensively.

Colin studied hotel management but then chose to work as a chef with spells in Germany and the Middle East before spending eight years in France. After completing an MBA at Cass Business School, London he was then a consultant in organizational change for 10 years, leading projects in France, Holland, and Switzerland as well as the U.K.

He holds British and French nationalities and has worked with clients around the world including Volkswagen, Philips, BP, Electrolux, Credit Agricole, Alstom, Alfa Laval, China Post, Dubai Tourism, and Bank Dhofar.


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