Live Online Challenge: Building a Startup Pitch-Deck

This session will take the form of a challenge where you and your team will craft a convincing business plan pitch for a startup, in the rapidly expanding domain of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Chat GPT.

You'll also have the opportunity to experience for yourself what a Live Online class from our Global Online MBA at Hult is really like.

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June 28, 2023

10am or 5pm

1 hour

EDT Boston Time Zone

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About this class

Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur, entrusted with the role of Entrepreneur in Residence at a renowned private equity firm. You have been presented with the opportunity to craft a startup plan for an innovative company operating in the cutting-edge field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Embrace this thrilling challenge by choosing a megatrend that interests you. Research on how it is being transformed and impacted by the advent of NLP, with a particular focus on the revolutionary capabilities of Chat GPT.

Discover the vast potential of emerging technology by examining both major industry players and smaller enterprises. Use your knowledge to present an innovative case for launching your groundbreaking startup that is primed to seize this opportunity swiftly, thanks to its focus on data and the more extensive societal benefits.

The objective of this challenge is to see each team craft a convincing business plan pitch in the rapidly expanding domain of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Chat GPT.

Dr. Beau Giannini

Dr. Giannini has a PhD from Tongji University in Management Science, an MBA from UC Berkeley in Global Management and Social Entrepreneurship, and a BA from Dartmouth College in Asian Studies with a focus on Chinese Language and Literature. He has international operating and business development experience including successful acquisitions in the financial technology and supply chain management sectors.

He runs Ternary Intelligence, a computational finance company that models predictive analytics for the financial markets. He is also the founder of Sinomark Consulting based in Shanghai, China where his company guides process improvements for sourcing operations.

Dr. Giannini’s research focus is on Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation.

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