Live Online Class - Emerging Markets: Establishing a New World Order

This session will discuss how emerging markets are revolutionising global trade and are becoming engines of growth.

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July 26, 2023

10am, 5pm

1 hour

EDT Boston Time Zone

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About This Class

Emerging markets are transforming the landscape of global trade, propelling themselves as key drivers of growth, centers of manufacturing excellence, and hubs of technological innovation. These dynamic economies are spearheading regional integration and stepping into the spotlight once reserved for the Triad nations (US, EU, and Japan) after the industrial revolution.

In this captivating masterclass, we will delve into the journey of emerging market firms. We will explore how their prowess has ushered in a new era of global business, characterized by innovation, dynamism, and unparalleled competition. By challenging Triad firms and disrupting their traditional business models, these emerging powerhouses have not only fostered a spirit of innovation but also stimulated the overall growth of the global market.

Rajendra Shirole

Rajendra is a Professor of International Business and Strategy at the Hult International Business School. He is reputed for his thought leadership and substantive work in strategic management, outsourcing, and enabling technologies and applications both amongst the academic and corporate Diaspora. He has been a C-Suite executive managing a large multinational enterprise before deciding to enter the academic world where he has been in several leadership positions.

Rajendra shares a unique relationship and knowledge of managing people, cultures, and technology. To succeed and be effective, Rajendra believes managers must be able to energize their organization to drive the vision forward. To achieve this vision, organizations have to continually listen, reinvent, and re-engineer—sometimes radically!

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