Identify business opportunities, create a project plan, assess financial viability, and persuasively present a plan to profitably expand into new markets.

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Core Course

Authentic Leadership #4: Moral Perspective

Values are the driving force behind authentic leadership. Your own background and behavior influence your vision and principles. Explore the relationship between values and leadership, with a special focus on the global business environment. Gain a deeper understanding of your fundamental values, what to do when those values conflict, and how to harness your moral perspective for powerful forms of organizational leadership.

Key topics & skills

  • Personal Values

  • Stories & Conflicts

  • Global Business Norms

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Leading with Purpose

Core Course

Data Visualization & Storytelling

Data tells a powerful story. You’ll need to quickly and decisively extract the key insights hidden in data to inform decision-making. Data visualization techniques and tools enable us to summarize data details and patterns into graphically-expressed representations, leading to actionable conclusions. Presentation is key. Get to know the design concepts involved in visualizing data for decision-makers.

Key topics & skills

  • Telling a Compelling Story with Data

  • Aligning with Your Audience

  • Design Principles & Visualization Techniques for Data Analysis & Decision-Making

  • Catering to Diverse Learning Styles

  • Creating Actionable Inisghts

Core Course

Financial Decision-Making & Budgeting

All managers contribute to, and are responsible for, certain financial functions within a company—profit planning, breakeven analysis, operating budgets, capital budgets, and variance analysis. This course prepares you to understand and contribute to financial processes and decisions.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Analysis, Targets & Outsourcing

  • Creating Budgets & Cash Flow

  • Developing Performance Metrics to Manage & Guide a Company

  • Profit Planning & Breakeven Analysis

Core Course

Project Management

Your future job will involve project work—whatever your career. Equip yourself with a set of best-practice tools and frameworks for operating successfully in project environments. Develop the critical skills and knowledge to successfully define, plan, implement, and lead projects.

Key topics & skills

  • Project Management Application

  • Project Planning Methodologies, Frameworks & Plans

  • Project Execution

  • Best Practice

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #4: New Market Expansion Plan for a Real Client

In your final project, you’ll consult for a live client: conduct market research to understand consumer trends, the competitive landscape in new markets, and potential impacts on the value chain. Find and set out a solution that makes use of emerging technology, discuss the impact on the client's brands, competitors, and current product offerings—and indicate whether, why, and how those offerings should change.

Key topics & skills

  • Analyzing Potential Market Risks & Opportunities

  • Finding Solutions through Market Research

  • Presenting Solutions with Influence & Persuasion

Courses and challenges subject to change

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    Everyone brings their unique attitude, culture, and language to the table. As so many class assignments involve teamwork, you’re exposed to a plethora of nationalities, which strengthens the project and group as a unit. There’s more space for creativity, innovation, learning, and success.

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