Launching a new product: From the go-to-market strategy and financials to authentic leadership, this module will give you the tools and hands-on experience you’ll need to successfully launch a new product.

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Core Course

Authentic Leadership #1: Leadership Journey

Becoming an authentic leader is a lifelong journey, scattered with obstacles. Balancing multiple limitations against aspirations, values, and competencies takes great skill. Staying true to yourself while adapting to the diverse needs of others is an ever-evolving challenge. This course will help you develop the best of what you are, building a foundation for great leadership in the future.

Key topics & skills

  • Growth Mindset

  • How to Become an Authentic Leader

  • Identifying Your Personal Leadership Vision

  • Creating Your Leadership Development Plan

Core Course

Financial Statement Analysis

As a business professional, you need to know how to read and analyze financial reports, access capital to grow businesses, and navigate financial markets and institutions. Gain the basic financial acumen to enable you to perform financial analysis and management of a company.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial Reporting—Statements, Oversight & Regulations

  • Financial Markets & Institutions

  • Evaluating Company Performance & Financial Health

  • Performing Company Valuations

  • Alternative Financing Techniques

Core Course

Marketing Strategy

Due to the fragmentation of the media landscape and the influence of a younger generation of consumers, marketing has become one of the most innovative disciplines in business. Learn how to evaluate marketing opportunities on a global scale, assess the social forces impacting brands, differentiate a product for today’s consumer, and develop a marketing strategy for a high-growth product or idea.

Key topics & skills

  • Market Research—Understanding the Customer

  • Market Segmentation & the Competitive Landscape

  • Marketing Strategies & Influencer Marketing

  • Evaluating Marketing Opportunities, Industry & Market Trends

  • Integrating Social Forces into Marketing Strategy

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #1: New Venture Strategy (Simulation)

Your first business challenge will immerse you in the many decisions a company needs to consider when assessing a new venture—from market analysis and competitive differentiation to sales strategies and tactics, production, logistics, and financial management—you'll improve your ability to work in different roles within a team and develop a strategy for success.

Key topics & skills

  • Financial & Non-Financial Performance Metrics

  • Understanding Your Team: From Charters & Development to Dynamics, Assignments, Evaluation & Two-Way Feedback

  • Formulating a Successful Company Strategy

  • Coordinating the Functional Roles Within a Company to Deliver Results

Courses and challenges subject to change

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