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Cross-Cultural Communication, A Pathway to Success

At Hult, you'll learn through experience. This masterclass emphasizes the learning environment at Hult and gives an insight into how international business and cross-cultural differences play a role.

As a part of our dedication to preparing you for your start at Hult, we're pleased to invite you into our virtual classroom.

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April 13, 2022

7am, 11am, 2pm

1 hour

London BST Timezone

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About the class

In this session, we will cover the advantages and challenges of working with people from other cultures in business and in your education at Hult more specifically. Understanding some of the basics of how to work together is a crucial first step in becoming successful.

During the class, you will learn the challenges and opportunities of working across cultures:

Why is cross-cultural understanding important?
What are the challenges in working across cultures?
How can we work more successfully in cross-cultural teams?

Jean Vanhoegaerden

Jean Vanhoegaerden is a faculty member at Ashridge. His responsibilities lie in delivering management development programs for international clients, specialized in international management, organizational change, cross-cultural management, and globalization. His recent research focuses on global mindset and decision-making.

Jean has taught executive education programs in North and Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle and Far East. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around topics such as leadership, change, and cross-cultural differences.

Before joining Ashridge, Jean worked in HR and management development at Honeywell's European HQ. He has a Master's degree in organizational and personnel psychology and studied at Thunderbird, Harvard, and Tuck School of Business.

Expertise include

Change Management
Decision Making

A classroom less ordinary


Teaching at Hult is no ordinary profession—but Hult is no ordinary school. We can’t wait to meet you in the classroom and see just how extraordinary you can be.

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