International Women's Day: An equal world is an unbiased world

March 8, is International Women's Day around the Globe, when female figures —past and present—are given the recognition they deserve. To kick it off, Hult professor, Dr Debbie Bayntun-Lees, is hosting a masterclass looking at the female experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This session explores the findings of our latest research into how senior business women experienced the pandemic and the challenges they now face going forward. Our findings remind us again of why #breaking the bias is a commitment we must continue to keep.

March 8, 2022, 9am & 5pm

1 hour


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About the class

One of the highlights of the past two years is seeing the success of female leaders in their response to COVID-19. At the same time we hear how some women have been disadvantaged more during the crisis whether it be the impact of an unequal burden of unpaid care, the demands of home schooling v work responsibilities, jobs lost, or being forced to be at home with an abusive partner when the workplace is her only respite.

Debbie Bayntun-Lees

Debbie is an experienced leadership and organizational development consultant.  She specialises in developing organizations’ capacity for change, innovation, and equity, working largely with boards, senior teams, HR practitioners, and often whole system interventions. She has a track record of successfully supporting clients to develop collaborative and inclusive leadership, lead strategic and cultural transformation initiatives, and develop high performing teams in large, fast-paced, complex organizations.

Debbie’s approach is informed by her practical business and organizational development experience. Previously, she was managing director of Connecting for Change Ltd, education & business development director of and has held several senior management positions in the UK National Health Service. Debbie has recently led cultural change, leadership development, and organizational transformation projects, in the UK, Europe, Egypt, and the Middle East.

Debbie Bayntun-Lees

Carina Schofield

Dr. Carina Paine Schofield is a highly experienced researcher. Her research interests are in the areas of psychology (social, developmental, organizational, educational, and forensic) and technology (AI and the effective use of technology in enhancing learning).

The nature of Carina's research experience is interdisciplinary in terms of its strong link between theoretical and applied social science research in a number of settings. She has presented at various national and international conferences in the disciplines of both psychology and computing and presented her research to practitioners and policy makers.

Carina conducted research into the global multi-generation workforce for over ten years. Her current research focuses on exploring the psychological challenges and experiences of working parents.

Expertise include

Artificial Intelligence
Carina Schofield

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