Experience Hult BBA's Core Modules

Keen to experience our award-winning approach to learning? Every 7 weeks, students start a new module centered on a challenge. This means that instead of approaching subjects as standalone courses, the subjects are interlinked so that the content is related, and they are all focused on applying what you’ve learned to a particular challenge. To get a better understanding of this in practice and to experience it for yourself, join our Virtual Core Module Experiences to see what you can achieve by learning business this way.

October 24

October 24

Hult's Core Module Experience: The Startup Challenge

Every student starts their education at Hult with the Startup Challenge. Why? Because the best way to learn the fundamentals of business is to start your very own. Hult Professors Daniel Rukare and Michael McCarthy invite you to get a glimpse of our Startup Challenge module through two engaging virtual experiences: a creative hackathon and a startup innovation pitch. Ready to gain key skills to make an impact in any industry? Register today.

November 16