Round Table Conversation

Confessions of Data Analysts

Business Analysts are in high demand, and there’s seemingly no end in sight. Who should pursue business analytics studies and what career prospects are available in this field of study?

Join us in a round table conversation with three of our top professors teaching Business Analytics, Chase Kusterer, Luis Escamilla and Thomas Kurnicki. We will have an honest discussion about the Business Analytics industry and how the field of Business Analytics has been evolving. You will also get to hear from one of Hult’s Business Analytics alumni. He will bring some insights into the mix from a student and a fresh graduate perspective.

April 14th, 2022 7:00pm GST (8:30pm IST)

1 hour

GST (GMT +4)

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About the session

Here are some of the questions we will ask our panelists to give you a taste of the event:

  • When you designed Hult’s Business Analytics course, what kind of future path were you thinking for Hult graduates?
  • Is Business Analytics the newest trend scary (big companies are producing mass data and there is little workforce able to understand it)?
  • What career prospects are available for this master’s degree?

Agenda in Dubai time (GST):

  • 7.00PM - Welcome words and speaker introductions
  • 7:10PM - Round table Conversation with our panelists
  • 7:45PM - Live Q&A where you get a chance to ask questions
  • 8:00PM - Closing

Luis Escamilla

Luis Escamilla first joined Hult International Business School in 2010 as Part-Time Professor of Quantitative Methods. In 2013, Escamilla successfully incorporated the finding of Hult LABS regarding the need for more development of soft skills in MBA graduates by pioneering the addition of soft skills as an assessed outcome in math courses.

-Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics Engineer, PhD (Candidate) in Social Economics

-Former Head of P&G Industry Analysis function for Latin-American

-Consulting experience includes Sanofi, Google, Honeywell, and Williams-Sonoma

-Developed an AI inventory management system for the largest Spanish publisher

-Former Campus Dean of Hult Dubai, Hult Shanghai and Hult San Francisco

-Expertise in SQL, R, Power BI

Thomas Kurnicki

Thomas Kurnicki is a data and investment market risk consultant. He’s worked at Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo and CBRE in San Francisco and has co-founded two companies in his native Poland.

Thomas specializes in data science and business statistics and is focused on implementing quantitative solutions in the investment management industry. He’s passionate about implementing data-focused projects in fields and industries that are on the verge of technological disruption.

Thomas has two master’s degrees, from Hult International Business School and Warsaw University in Poland, has published multiple research papers, and is currently writing his next book on programming concepts in data science.

At Hult, Thomas teaches core courses for the Master’s in Business Analytics program and electives focusing on subjects related to data science and programming.

Thomas Kurnicki

Chase Kusterer

Professor Kusterer began his career in China in 2008 as headteacher at Shantou University Business School. Since then, he has taken on many challenging data science-related roles in the fields of data engineering, digital marketing, strategy, finance, and market research. In his current role, Professor Kusterer works as a director of global marketing analytics, covering the markets of China, Russia, and Indonesia.

His research has been published by government organizations such as US Commercial Service and UK Trade and Investment, as well as private organizations such as Bloomberg Terminal.

Chase Kusterer

For Those Made To Do


For Those Made to Do

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