Careers Lab with Katharine Boshkoff

Join us for an exclusive virtual career event featuring Katharine Boshkoff, Vice President of Career Advancement and Alumni Relations, as she shares invaluable insights and strategies to help you advance in your career. Don't miss this opportunity to gain expert guidance and take your professional journey to the next level!

October 19, 2023 at 6 pm

1 hour

6:00 PM GST (Gulf Standard Time)


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About the session

This event promises valuable insights and perspectives on career development and guidance to set you on the path to career excellence. 

During this event, Katharine will share her extensive experience and expertise in career development, providing attendees with practical advice and strategies to excel in today's competitive job market. Her live presentation promises to be engaging and thought-provoking, offering a unique opportunity to gain insights into the world of global business and career advancement. 

Katharine Boshkoff

Vice President of Hult's Careers and Alumni Relations

Katharine is an advocate for international employment and an expert in trends in the changing demand for global talent. A thought leader on student strategies to achieve US market entry as well as to gain traction in other global markets, she has helped thousands of students achieve employment outside their home country.

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Your career journey is your Hult journey, the two are inseparable and intertwined.

From today, and every day after, everything you’ll do at Hult will be directing you on your path to doing what you love. And we’ll support you every step of the way. See how our advisors can help you on your journey.



of Hult master's graduates changed country, industry or function



of Hult master's graduates were employed within six months of graduation



increase in pre-master's salary (Financial Times Masters in Management ranking, 2019)



of international Hult master's graduates at US campuses gained employment in the US

Education with a purpose

At Hult, we believe that education is about so much more than a degree. It’s about transformation. Students want skills that will transform their lives. Employers want graduates that will transform their businesses. Society wants businesses that will transform the world. Like all change, it starts with action.

By focusing on what our students can do in the real world, rather than just the theory they study in classrooms, we prioritize those skills and mindsets that are most needed to bring about change—in the careers of the individual, the businesses they work in, and the society we all live in. This belief in the power of learning by doing goes beyond a philosophy; it is the guiding force behind every program we provide, every course we create, every class we run. It’s what makes Hult the business school for those made to do.

Those made to do come to Hult from all over the world in order to:


For Those Made to Do

Do challenges

Creative problem-solving and collaboration are essential to personal and professional success. Our students continually practice what they’ll be doing in the workplace so they build a relevant skillset that enables them to take on any challenge they may face after graduation.

Do global

Immersed in a melting pot of 150 nationalities across a global campus network, Hult graduates don’t just thrive in an international environment, they know how to leverage it to get results. Our students build a global network by collaborating with classmates from around the world—potential partners, investors, and contacts are everywhere.

Do growth

Change never stops and neither should learning. Whether our graduates’ goals change, or their industry does, our lifelong learning options enable them to come back to Hult every year for the rest of their career in order to stay up to date and relevant—always.