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The Global Business School

Hult is The Global Business School. Located in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York, our award-winning programs enable you to study across multiple locations and learn from internationally renowned faculty. Join a network of students from over 120 countries and more than 16,000 alumni working across the globe.

Hult is not just a business school. It’s a global network that educates, inspires, and connects some of the most forward-thinking business talent from around the world. Move seamlessly between our six global campuses to gain firsthand experience in some of the world's most influential markets.
Our internationally-renowned faculty combine academic excellence with business-world success as executives, inventors and entrepreneurs. Tackle a real business issue in the Hult Business Challenge: choose a problem set by a major multinational, or devise a new business plan or social enterprise.
From our leadership skills development, where we chart your interpersonal and professional progress throughout the year, to cutting-edge virtual and practical simulations, experiential learning is the cornerstone of our award-winning programs.

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    Our graduates

    Michael Naidhardt (1)

    Michael Neidhardt, Germany, Class of 2017

    Project Manager/Product Strategist, Daimler AG

    "The fully packed, intense MBA at HULT in one year is all about challenges. Therefore, it was no question for me to also go for the challenge to switch campus during the study program. You get to meet so many new great characters and professors. "

    Gabriela Beatriz

    Gabriela Beatriz de la Cierva, Spain, Class of 2018

    Business Design Manager, VISA

    "Hult builds happy professionals, weather that is being a high executive in a big corporation, or building a family-owned farm in the country-side. Hult is for everyone who wants to stop, think, make the right decision and eventually, be happy."

    Yun Gon Nam (1)

    Yun Gon Nam, South Korea, Class of 2018

    Planning and Management, Trust and Value LLC.

    "Hult helped me to take initiative in terms of being more decisive and coming up with innovative ideas. My involvement with the Product Management Club improved my leadership skills and opened doors to networking opportunities"

    2.6 years

    Average payback period 

    (The Economist, 2016)


    Nationalities in class


    of 2015 Hult graduates changed either
    country, industry or function