Could your employer help fund an MBA?
Download Hult's guide to creating a business case for company sponsorship

Our Executive MBA candidates who plan to continue working full time while pursuing their degree often look for creative, smart ways to help fund their investment. Many find that their employers recognize the value of investing in talented employees’ business education, and are willing to contribute towards fees. 

If you’d like to approach your employer and need help finding the right language, we’ve created a guide to help you make a strong business case. In it, you’ll find:

  • Tips on framing your decision to pursue an MBA while working
  • Suggestions for articulating the benefit of an MBA to your employer
  • Financial contribution options your employer can offer

Hult’s part-time Executive MBA program is for experienced professionals who want to expand their global career without taking time out from work. Study in any or all of our global locations in London, Shanghai, or Dubai over one four-day weekend a month.

    About Hult's part-time Executive MBA

    Customize where you study

    Study at any or all of five campus locations during your two-year program and seamlessly relocate if your circumstances change.

    Customize how you study

    You have the option of studying Module 1 or 2 online if you need to, and can pause your program if your situation unexpectedly changes. You will be given up to four years to complete this two-year program.

    Customize what you study

    Specialize in Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, or General Management and choose projects that are relevant to your career goals.

    62nd Best Business School in the U.S.
    Bloomberg Business, Best Business Schools 2015

    65th Best MBA Worldwide
    The Economist, MBA rankings 2015

    50th Best EMBA Worldwide
    The Economist, EMBA rankings 2015