High Performance at Work

In partnership with Red Bull Wingfinder

A unique workshop in partnership with Red Bull Wingfinder

This workshop focuses on leading yourself to high-performance at work. It is suitable both for people managers as well as individual contributors. By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • gained insight into how you lead yourself and understood the impact this has on others
  • explored the role that meaning plays in driving behavior and business results
  • understood the value of a ‘Growth Mindset’
  • seen the value of self-insight and the significance of personality
  • learned the science behind success at work and the Wingfinder 25 personality report
  • gained insight from Red Bull athletes and how the use self-leadership to be world-class
  • understood what enables and hinders your performance
  • created an action plan to help achieve greater personal effectiveness

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Workshop agenda

  1. Where are you going
  • what is successful self-leadership
  • meaning and its role in your future
  • the environment with which we deal
  1. Who you really are
  • the power of mindset
  • deeper into personality
  • the science behind success
  • Wingfinder 25 detailed personality report
  1. What you can do
  • the lens through which you see the world
  • focused action plan on you
  • self-responsibility
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