The Executive Leadership Program


A unique program in partnership with ABB

Join us on this unique and highly innovative consortium program for future C-Suite leaders, founded by Hult Ashridge and ABB.

Run as a collaboration of non-competing companies to develop their future CEOs and C-Suite leaders, the "Executive Leadership Program" is a unique opportunity to pioneer and create a new, shared future together.

Participants will explore the mega trends of the future, including the emerging pressure points of our global economy, new leadership skills for the 21st century, and how to create meaningful sustainability – applying lessons learned, to their own organization's challenges, throughout the program.

It will take participants from the beautiful countryside estate of Ashridge House near London, on to a world tour of innovation and mega trends from China, Japan, Africa and the Americas, and the mountains of Alaska.

We will explore the role of future C-suite leaders in making a sustainable difference and creating a legacy, beyond their individual or even organizational level, but for society as a whole.

Access is strictly limited to senior executives, and by invitation only.

For more information please fill out the form below, or to register your interest please click the button and a program advisor will call you back.


Module 1:
Jun 22-25, 2020

Module 2:
Sep 21-24, 2020

Module 3:
Feb 22-25, 2021


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Michael Killingsworth

This unique invite-only program, focused on developing the next generation of CxO-level leaders, is a fantastic opportunity for a select few. With modules delivered across continents, and the chance to pioneer a new shared future, I just cannot imagine a better C-suite program to join!

Michael Killingsworth


Dr. Feena May

Today's world needs a new form of global leadership - technologically savvy, with a new approach to systems thinking. You can't view people, organisations or problems in a vacuum; partnerships across the public, private and NGO sector are the future. We are delighted to being part of his program.

Dr. Feena May

CLO, International Committee of the Red Cross

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