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Our online masterclasses cover the full range of business-critical topics, essential to career growth, including Personal Leadership & Team Development, Innovation & Digital Transformation, Sustainable Business Strategy and Change & Culture.

The range of masterclasses available cater for all-level employees, whether they are high potentials, mid-level managers or senior executives. ​The 2-hour time commitment enables leaders to easily fit a learning session in between professional and personal obligations.

We ensure that our online masterclasses are tailored for your company’s needs - each masterclass is available in closed group format.

Online Masterclasses

Personal Leadership & Team Development

NEW - Leading with Purpose

Lead with Purpose through exploring & aligning ‘Values, Why and Legacy’ to enable oneself to inspire individuals and teams in the virtual space.​

Discovering and projecting purpose in your personal and professional life not only helps you to thrive in your work and sustain energy through challenging and uncertain times, but it also inspires and brings others along with you. ​

This masterclass will engage participants in a lively, reflective dialogue on what it means to Inspire Purpose for themselves, their teams and colleagues. It will enable them to better understand how they can inspire purpose in their day-to-day work and will motivate participants to step up, lead and inspire others!​

Building Personal Resilience

**Understand where and why we need to build resilience, and how to break existing habits to do something different. **

Faced with complex decisions and ambiguous environments, the pressure on managers is mounting all the time. Rarely offline, we are increasingly having to operate in a world where health and well-being are compromised by the need to meet a deadline or address a complex organizational challenge.

This masterclass will help participants to reflect on their own resilience and that of their teams.

Coaching Skills for Managers

**Explore the benefits of coaching, the three pillars and GROW coaching models as well as different coaching styles. **

This masterclass will require active participation, using video examples and break-out spaces to enable participants to apply and practice their newly acquired skills.

Ideal for anyone who leads people and wants to learn to empower and develop their team.

Influencing Others

**Explore the different styles of influencing and how to adapt one’s style to achieve a successful outcome. **

Understanding the skills and strategies of effective influencing are vital to our ability to gain commitment, cooperation and buy-in. Successfully influencing internal and external stakeholders is critical to being able to effectively implement decisions and lead change.

In this masterclass, break-out groups and exercises will help participants learn to apply these skills to their own influencing challenges.

Leading in Uncertainty

**Learn how ego, eco and intuition fit together in an uncertain and complex world. **

This masterclass will start by exploring the leadership principles of ego, eco and intuition, how they come together within organizations to form complex adaptive systems, and how one’s own leadership blend fits into this.

Using break-out spaces and small groups, we will discuss real-life challenges and consider practical insights, through the lens of the intelligence model.

Participants will reflect on their own and others’ leadership blend and how they could experiment with a new leadership approach.

Leading Virtual Teams

**Understand how leading virtual teams differs from face-to-face working. **

Leading virtual teams presents a unique challenge. Practices – good and bad – are amplified in the virtual space and this applies to the assumptions we all hold around leading and following.

During this session we will explore participants’ own assumptions and use a range of techniques to help them understand how to build connectivity with team members.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Understand the impact on individuals and teams of failing to hold a difficult conversation.

In an organizational context, we have all experienced a ‘difficult’ conversation – or one that has not proceeded as well as we would have liked.

This session will help participants to understand the nature of difficult conversations, appreciating the roles people play and how this may be impacted by insecurities and hidden agendas.

Whether participants are managers, leaders or individuals without any line management responsibility, this session will give them a framework and experience to approach the next conversation with confidence.

Mindful Leadership in times of crisis

Explore the concept of mindfulness, how it is linked to leadership and how to practice it.

The remarkable circumstances we find ourselves in are resulting in increased levels of stress and anxiety. This, alongside our multiple professional personal obligations, means that many of us are feeling overwhelmed and unable to think clearly.

This masterclass is based on groundbreaking Hult Ashridge research, which conducted the world’s first wait-list control study examining the effects that mindfulness training could have on leadership capacities so vital today. These include resilience, collaboration and the ability to focus in complex situations.

Motivating your Team

Appreciate how our own and other people’s motivation drives behavior at work.

Despite agreement that teamwork and engagement are a key pillar of collaborative working, levels of actual engagement remain low, with less than 1 in 7 of us describing ourselves as engaged in our work.

This session draws on the latest research to provide participants with insights into the four zones of team engagement and help them relate this to their team and organization.

We will help them identify the challenges of motivating and engaging their team and explore how they can apply this knowledge to increase engagement for effective performance.

The Business of Sleep

Insights into the impact of the quality, quantity and patterns of sleep on the physical health, business and personal lives of managers.

Lack of sleep is hindering managers’ ability to perform at their peak, develop resilience and has a negative impact on workplace relationships.  It is a ‘hidden threat’ that organizations need to pay attention to if they want to ensure the well-being of their staff while also gaining competitive edge.

Professor Vicki Culpin has published rigorous research, and a book about The Business of Sleep and how better sleep can transform individual and organizational performance.

This masterclass provides crucial take-aways for managers to consider in order to improve their performance.

Presence, Power & Impact in the Virtual Space

Increase awareness and skills around virtual presence.

Being able to have a strong impact in the virtual space is a capability that is new for many leaders, who traditionally have worked predominantly in a physical office space.

This masterclass will explore how leaders can connect with deeper values and sense of self in the virtual space, identify what can enhance their presence, power and impact so they can thrive in their new working environment.

Self-awareness for Managers

**Improve self-awareness and recognize the benefits it can bring to teams and organizations. **

The ability to understand oneself, our impact on others and how others perceive us is a critical skill in leadership development.

During this masterclass we will look at Emotional Intelligence as a leadership approach and explore how the stories people tell about us (and how they differ from our own self-perception) are key to creating a high-performance work culture.

Speaking up and being Heard

Understand the personal and organizational imperative to speak up and listen to others.

On a personal level we find some people easier to listen to than others. But in a business context, the implications for not listening can be severe and affect performance, innovation and engagement – and in extreme cases, even cost lives.

World-renowned expert in organizational dialogue, Megan Reitz, explores how to learn to speak up as individuals, how to listen as leaders and how to create a culture that enables and recognizes the benefits of speaking truth to power.

Innovation & Digital Transformation

Building a Growth Mindset

**Understand the system thinking behind creativity, innovation and growth. **

Based on Hult Ashridge research, we explore how mindset matters in helping to develop and lead innovation and growth in organizations.

The session explores how to nurture teams to develop growth thinking that will enable them to take on new challenges, bring up new initiatives and foster innovation throughout their organization.

Creative Problem-solving

**Understand the psychology of creativity and how problem-solving approaches create innovative leaders. **

Creative problem solving is an important skill, it helps unearth innovative solutions, informs new ways of working and enables leaders to approach challenges in an optimistic way.

Drawing on techniques from the world of lean startups, education and the creative arts, we will explore Design Thinking and aspects of Agile development to help participants unlock their innovative potential and learn to solve problems creatively.

Data Analytics

**To make meaningful, tangible and impactful contributions to a business. **

A Business Analytics skillset will place participants at the intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge. They will learn how analytics is all about the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

This process is only of value to leaders and their organization if it results in decisions and actions that either help to improve performance or manage risk and compliance.

Disruptive Innovation

Explore the strategies used by disruptors and those being disrupted to remain competitive.

What is disruptive innovation? This masterclass will explore this question through the lens of case studies of disruptors and organizations who have fought off and beaten disruptive forces.

At the end of this class, managers will leave with deeper insights into how to implement or spark disruptive innovation within their own business.

Engaging Digital Customers

**Understand how to create impactful engagement with digital customers. **

Being able to engage and build relationships with customers online is essential for organizations today.

This session will look at techniques for enhancing engagement through real-time communications and on-going personalization.

We will review examples of organizations that are successfully using digital technologies and digital marketing initiatives to effectively engage with their customers and create relationships that add value

Innovation Strategies

**Explore the frameworks behind corporate innovation. **

This masterclass explores the nature of innovation and the practical ways in which innovation strategies are employed by organizations to drive growth and value.

Frameworks and case studies are used to explore various successful corporate innovation strategies, and participants will explore how they can be replicated in their own organizations.

Introduction to Digital Transformation

**Explore different approaches to digital transformation and how organizations are impacted in digital environments. **

Technologies such as cloud, mobile, IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics are amongst those currently causing disruption to established industries, organizational structures and customer expectations.

During this session, we will explore different approaches to digital transformation and use examples to review how organizations are using digital practices and technologies to enhance their relevance and customer value.

Project Management

**Balance the demands for time, quality, scope and cost inherent in any project. **

This seminar will provide the knowledge and build the practical skills and behaviors required to successfully manage the planning and execution of a project.

We will consider the project life cycle, including how to choose the project, budgets, scheduling and stakeholder management.

We will look at different project management methodologies, compare Waterfall versus Agile styles, and reflect on what can cause a project to fail.

Virtual Meetings

Develop the ability to establish practices and tools for collaborating virtually​.

Participants will create a common framework for what it takes to design and run effective virtual meetings. They will learn that listening well in the virtual space is essential to effective virtual meetings​.

This masterclass will identify what practices teams should amplify or stop/change to connect meaningfully​, as well as helping participants shift their mindset from seeing meetings as events to seeing them as a process​es.

Sustainable Business Strategy

NEW - Advanced Negotiation Skills

Expand the skills of leaders to give them more choice on how to handle negotiations and conflict.

This masterclass will help leaders to see negotiation as a relational process that involves leaders understanding both themselves, the other party and how they are engaging in the conflict.

Participants will also learn the tactical skills to prepare them to manage negotiations.

This masterclass offers participants the opportunity to practice their negotiation skills and receive feedback, either with their peers, or with actors for an additional fee.

Building a Customer Centric Company

**Discover how to drive growth with a more customer-focused organization. **

Being able to anticipate, understand and deliver on customer needs is a fundamental driver for all organizations. This masterclass will explain the benefits of an enhanced customer focus, as well as how to achieve it. 

We will explore how to develop a customer-centric strategy, how to understand and capture customer insights, segmentation techniques and the importance of developing smarter propositions to drive results.

Business Planning in Turbulent Times

**Business planning skills and techniques to adapt to fast-moving environments so that organizations can survive and thrive in the longer term. **

Most organizations are familiar with annual budgeting processes and 3 to 4- year medium term strategies. What happens though when there is a major disruptive force like Covid-19, a tariff war or a deep recession that turns markets, industries or whole economies on their head? This masterclass looks at how good business planning looks like in turbulent times when a few weeks can feel like an eternity

Introduction to Risk Management

**Identify and analyse risk in a complex and volatile word. As the world around us becomes increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, leaders need a clear understanding of the way they manage risk and take decisions. **

This masterclass will explore techniques for responding to risk and the threats and opportunities that arise. We will look at contingency planning and how to help teams feel more comfortable with risk and embrace change.

Introduction to Negotiation Skills

**Learn core negotiation skills including active listening, criteria setting and creating options for mutual gain. **

While negotiation skills may be an essential for all levels of management, a surprising number of people feel unsure of their ability to handle a difficult negotiation.

This session is designed to increase your confidence to prepare for a forthcoming negotiation and help you deal with the conflict that can arise from a difficult negotiation.

We will review some key skills and use a live case to enable you to practice these skills and review your development.

Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

**Identify common financial decisions and how to evaluate current financial health. **

Financial literacy is essential for personal and professional success. It allows leaders to look beyond their "silo" and contribute more meaningfully to operational and strategic decisions that drive business performance and sustainable organizational success.  

At a professional level, this masterclass will help leaders understand financial industry factors impacting their company and learn how to use financial statements to evaluate company performance.

Future Trends and Scenario Planning

**Adapt to new opportunities and mitigate adverse effects. Can businesses plan for unknown forces and events? **

Could Covid-19 have been predicted and planned for? Whilst there will always be uncertainty in business life, by understanding the key trends which may affect their businesses and carrying out effective scenario planning, leaders can find ways to ensure they are ahead of the competition.

This masterclass will explain the critical skills needed to do this successfully

Sustainability as a Business Accelerator

**Innovations that create business value while helping tackle global challenges. **

Responsibility for tackling some of the major issues that are impacting the world we live in – climate change, obesity, pollution, human rights…– has moved from governments alone to being shared with the largest companies. Leaders of businesses have a responsibility to start tackling sustainability issues, but the opportunities are also significant – achieving the UN Development Goals could open an estimated US$12trillion in market opportunities in four economic systems alone: food and agriculture, cities, energy and materials, and health and wellbeing.  

Strategic Decision-Making

**Understand how to reduce bias and improve both individual and collective decision-making. **

Mistakes in individual or group decisions can be costly, and research indicates the extent to which bias can unconsciously influence the way we act and think. This masterclass will help participants be aware of and recognize their own personal bias and that of others. 

We will learn about the science of decision making and explore how a range of biases affect decisions on both an individual and group level. 

At a time when decisions are increasingly made at pace, participants will leave this session better equipped to make informed decisions. ​

Strategies for Growth in a VUCA World

Explore the dynamic capabilities needed to be successful in growing in a VUCA world.

Organizations need to adapt their strategic processes and develop dynamic capabilities which enable them to adapt to fast moving markets and situations to succeed in this VUCA world.

After this masterclass, leaders will explore traditional and more innovative approaches to identify growth opportunities, appreciate the limitations of such approaches in fast moving VUCA environments.

Strategic Thinking

**Think strategically about an organization, its environment, objectives and resources. **

This masterclass will introduce the cornerstones of strategy and strategic thinking. Beginning with the theory of what strategic thinking means, we will consider how it differs between organizations and how to develop and implement strategy effectively.

Using group work and discussions, participants will then apply this theory to their own organization and area of responsibility, learning from others and their own practical application to enhance their ’strategy literacy’. 

Virtual Strategic Leadership

**Develop a virtual strategy and create engagement, particularly when responding in a crisis. **

This masterclass will help senior leaders develop the capability to frame strategic transformation, design and lead virtual strategy conversations, explore renewal in a current crisis, develop strategy development and engagement capabilities.

Change & Culture

NEW - A sense of belonging in the workplace

Learn how to foster a sense of belonging in your team and organization.​

As human beings, we have an innate need to belong, to feel accepted, valued and included. A sense of belonging allows us to feel meaningfully connected to others, to feel valued and valuable, and supports the development of self-esteem.​

This masterclass, underpinned by our research, explores the factors that contribute to belonging, as well as the triggers and indicators of a sense of not belonging. It teaches leaders how to foster a sense of belonging in their teams and organizations, as well as develop a sense of belonging for themselves.​

NEW - Developing a Cultural Outlook

Learn how to identify cultural codes in everyday intercultural encounters.​

This masterclass will provide participants will gain an insight into cultural codes of key importance and what these mean for collaboration and communication. They will gain understanding around global communication styles and the differences that exist in leadership and authority across the world. ​

NEW - The Global Mindset

Understand the 8 steps to becoming more culturally intelligent. ​

This masterclass will provide leaders with a common framework and language for the concept of culture and cultural interactions. Leaders will also be provided with opportunities for heightened self-awareness and increased Cultural Intelligence. The masterclass is also an opportunity to network with colleagues around a particular topic.​

Agile Learning

Explore the growth mindset to adapt to today’s ambiguous and fast-paced world.

Many managers feel ill-equipped to lead in today’s ambiguous and fast-paced world, often feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the constant changes within their organization.

This increasing need for agility demands constant learning and application of that knowledge to new experiences, and a mastering of both task completion and relationship management.

This session explores the concept of Agile Learning, offering leaders a brief introduction to theoretical background and then exploring the growth mindset essential to learning agile.

Change & Crisis Management

**Develop mechanisms to respond in a productive way to change and support colleagues and teams. **

Although change is a normal part of life, 2020 has so far brought an unprecedented level of change and challenge. This challenge may come from external factors such as Brexit, weather-related floods or the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also comes from complex issues within organizations.

Learning how to manage oneself and others in a crisis situation is therefore a key skill for leaders. This masterclass is designed to explore personal responses to change, look at mechanisms for coping with change and identify ways to help leaders negotiate these challenges successfully.

Diversity & Inclusion to Drive Growth

Understand why inclusive leadership matters and how diversity is vital to drive innovative and growth.

 Business leaders recognize that a diverse set of backgrounds, age, gender, experiences, capabilities and perspectives are beneficial to developing new products, services and workplace efficiency. 

During this masterclass we will make the business case for why and how diversity and inclusion are critical to business success. We will consider the impact of bias in the workplace and experiment with a range of behaviours to enable leaders to create and sustain an inclusive culture.

Hearing the Female Voice in the Workplace

Explore strategies for disrupting the power relations that silence women.

How, and why, do seemingly capable, articulate women sometimes experience themselves as silenced and voiceless?

Based on original Hult Ashridge research, this masterclass, usually run for women only, offers a framework for making sense of women’s experiences of being silenced in everyday conversational life and explore personal experiences of being silenced.

Intercultural Communication

**To lead high-performing cross-cultural teams. In an increasingly globalized world, the ability to work within and lead cross-cultural teams is ever more relevant. **

However, these teams can create challenges, as well as benefits.

During this masterclass, we will explore these challenges and their influence on communication and leadership. We will help leaders understand the influence of culture on business, provide insights on how to overcome the challenges identified and help them recognize the opportunities that exist.

Introduction to Psychological Safety

Make teams feel safe to experiment, innovate, give and receive feedback and perform under pressure.

Psychological Safety is an environment in which individuals feel safe to give and receive honest feedback, offer ideas, take risks and experiment with new behaviors.

This masterclass will help leaders understand the concept of psychological safety, recognize impact and implications of psychological safety on individuals and teams, understand experiences of psychological safety and create a roadmap.

Leading Change

Develop approaches to manage and minimise resistance to change.

Change has always been part of a leader’s challenge. This masterclass will support participants in becoming effective leaders in change and understand key approaches that will support their teams through it.

They will understand their role as a leader in change and how they personally respond to change​, how to help people through change & co-create the future.

The Art of Corporate Storytelling

**Learn how to tell stories that connect people with each other. **

This masterclass will help leaders communicate effectively and discover a more powerful way of engaging with people at work, communicating beyond the facts and appealing to people’s emotions.

Successful Culture Change

**Develop the tools and patterns necessary to encourage a positive work culture. **

Cultures can be understood as patterns of thought and action that have become ingrained and therefore accepted as ‘natural’. An approach to culture change, will help leaders notice these patterns, make sense of them, reinforce those that serve them and disrupt those that don’t.

We will draw on the disciplines, methods and tools that have the most to offer when it comes to a nuanced and powerful understanding of culture: primarily, social anthropology, systems thinking, cultural theory and social psychology.

Working & Communicating Remotely

**Understand the complexities of remote working and build strategies for ensuring you can connect effectively. **

In this interconnected world, the ability to work remotely is easier than ever.

However, there are challenges to working with a distributed workforce and hard to maintain effective communications with colleagues across different locations.


“The professor guided us very well and did a fantastic job of communicating and connecting with the participants, making the experience feel engaging and personal. When I finished the course, I had many ideas on how to put my learnings into practice. It was very informative, practical and a great use of my time.”

Digital Marketing Director, Travel industry

“The professor was a great presenter, he used slides, breakout rooms when necessary, and videos. Overall, ‘Project Management’ is one of the best online classes I have ever experienced. ”

Marketing Director, Education Industry



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