Leading Digital Transformation

Digital innovation by others can be highly disruptive to businesses. Learn to identify the early signs, how to effectively respond, and how to lead your own organizational digital transformation

Leading Digital Transformation


  • Understand and explain the concept of disruption for your organization
  • Identify the early warning signs of disruption
  • Utilize a strategic approach to transforming your business in the face of imminent disruption
  • Introduce concepts of digital thinking and exponential organizations to inspire your transformation ideas
  • Apply strategic concepts and tool kits to your organization to assess disruption and build a digital transformation roadmap

Course Details

Details & Pricing

  • Start anytime
  • 4-6 hours time commitment
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Cost: £200
  • 3 month access
  • Certificate upon completion

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Course Structure

The course is divided into 4 modules.

01 Disruption

What is it and why it is important to my organization - We explore the concept of disruption, the process of disruption and how it affects organizations.

02 Identifying the warning signs of disruption

In this second module we look at how to anticipate disruption and what might be the warning signs we should be scanning the horizon for so that we can respond at an early stage both speedily and effectively. You will assess the disruption situation for your own organization.

03 Strategic transformation to respond to disruption

What are your strategic options to respond to disruption? We investigate the strategic initiatives you can undertake to transform your organization and provide you with a template to create a strategic transformation roadmap.

04 Digital thinking for transformation

You will look at the digital thinking concepts that have built some of the fastest growing and successful organizations of the 21st Century that can be used to power the strategic transformation for your organization. You will complete a diagnostic questionnaire that enables you to ‘score’ your organization against the digital thinking framework to give you a 'digital exponential quotient’.

Meet the Faculty


Paul Griffith - MEng, MBA, ACGI

Paul teaches, advises and works with executives on strategy, innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship. At Hult Ashridge Executive Education, Paul is the SVP Products responsible for Custom products, the Open program and digital Virtual Ashridge portfolio. For the Open portfolio he leads the Senior Executive Program, and delivers on the Strategies for Growth and Innovation program and the Advanced Management Program. He works with organisations in the private and public sector such as: AON, Astra Zeneca, Barclays Bank, Continental AG, Coral - Gala, Erste Bank, Imperial Tobacco, KPN, PPG Industries, Senior, Skanska, TEVA and the Dubai Government.

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