Internet of Things

The ability to track and analyze digital activity has given businesses access to capabilities that have transformed purchasing behaviors online. Learn more about IoT and its potential applications for your business in the future.

Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is transforming businesses – from Amazon’s recommendations based on purchasing and browsing history to Google’s customized adverts based on consumer online behavior and demographics. Learn the basics of how IoT works and the implications for your industry.

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Course Structure

The course is divided into 4 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Internet of Things and Regulatory Issues

IoT has the potential to do everything from billing your bank account for items you carry out of a supermarket to stopping you getting hit by a car based on an RFID chip in your shoes. In this module you’ll have an introduction to IoT and regulatory issues

Module 2: Potential Impact of Internet of Things

Data flow over the internet is expected to increase five-fold over the next year and this is largely driven by IoT. Explore its impact on things like Smart Transport & Logistics, Connected Homes and Smart Shopping and take a closer look at its impact on the healthcare industry.

Module 3: How Internet of Things Works, Current Landscape and Major Players

Explore the three levels of the Internet of Things – physical, connectivity and platform, and learn more about who is adopting IoT and what it means for a number of sectors.

Module 4: Challenges faced by IoT

Security is not a new issue for the internet, but IoT presents new challenges for a number of reasons that you will explore in this final module. You will look at data protection, security and standards within the context of the Internet of Things.

Meet the Faculty


Mukul Kumar

Dr. Kumar is the Chief Innovation Officer at Hult International Business School. He has two decades of experience building and leading high growth advisory businesses and education institutions. His work as a business leader and academic spans North America, Europe, Latin America, and his home country, India. He is active in undergraduate, graduate, and executive teaching. His current research agenda addresses the impact of technology on education and teaching. He is also an active advisor to several early stage EdTech firms.

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