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Hult Online: Executive Leadership Accelerator is our online solution for new to mid-level managers facing leadership challenges with their teams and organizations, or looking to develop new critical skills that will enable them to thrive in times of uncertainty.

Each module is made of 2 two-hour live classes delivered by our faculty of practitioners, in small groups, making for an engaging and personalized experience. Topics covered range from “Mindful Leadership in times of crisis” to “Agile Learning” as well as “Creating a culture of speaking up”, ensuring that your managers leave with the critical skills needed for their growth within their organization.



Participants can pick two live leadership workshops, 2 hours each

Agile Learning

Many managers feel ill-equipped to lead in today’s ambiguous and fast-paced world, often feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the constant changes within their organisation. This increasing need for agility demands constant learning and application of that knowledge to new experiences, and a mastering of both task completion and relationship management. This session explores the concept of Agile Learning, offering leaders a brief introduction to theoretical background and then exploring the growth mindset essential to learning agile.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Explore the benefits of coaching, the three pillars and GROW coaching models and different coaching styles. This session will require your active participation, using video examples and break-out spaces to enable you to apply and practise your newly acquired skills. Ideal for anyone who leads people and wants to learn to empower and develop their team.

Creating a culture of speaking up

Understand the personal and organizational imperative to speak and listen up.On a personal level we find some people easier to listen to than others. But in a business context, the implications for not listening can be severe and affect performance, innovation and engagement – and in extreme cases, even cost lives. World-renowned expert in organizational dialogue, Megan Reitz, explores how to learn to speak up as individuals, how to listen as leaders and how to create a culture that enables and recognizes the benefits of speaking truth to power.

Diversity & Inclusion to drive growth

Understand why inclusive leadership matters and how diversity is vital to drive innovative and growth.Business leaders recognize that a diverse set of backgrounds, age, gender, experiences, capabilities and perspectives are beneficial to developing new products, services and workplace efficiency. During this session we will make the business case for why and how diversity and inclusion are critical to business success. We will consider the impact of bias in the workplace and experiment with a range of behaviors to enable you to create and sustain an inclusive culture.

Effective delegation

Understand the benefits of delegation for yourself and your team and develop an action plan to help you delegate more effectively.The benefits of effective delegation are clear. Done properly, it can win back time for you and allow your team the opportunity to develop and grow. Yet many leaders struggle to know how to delegate properly. This practical and pragmatic session is designed to banish the fear and build your delegating confidence. Using online polls and discussion groups, we will explore the barriers to effective delegation, review ways to overcome |them and develop actions for you to make immediate changes – and win back that valuable time.

Emotional Intelligence at work

Understand the importance of relationships and the impact of collaboration in successful teams Cognitive and technical skills may be useful, but it is emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that make a leader truly stand out and able to create, lead and maintain highly successful teams. This session looks at the importance of investing in relationships, the role of emotion and the benefits of establishing a clear sense of purpose and identity. We will also consider the opportunities and challenges of working virtually and across boundaries, and the impact that developing your emotional intelligence can have in these scenarios.

Giving Effective Feedback

Giving feedback is a skill, providing a positive experience, leaving everyone feeling comfortable, even if the feedback itself is difficult or negative. This session will help you understand how to receive feedback and show to your colleagues that it is good to hear feedback. You will then explore the components required to give good, positive feedback that you can apply back in the workplace after the workshop.

Influencing others

Explore the different styles of influencing and how to adapt your style to achieve a successful outcome. Understanding the skills and strategies of effective influencing are vital to our ability to gain commitment, cooperation and buy-in. Successfully influencing internal and external stakeholders is critical to being able to effectively implement decisions and lead change, and ultimately to your impact and success as a leader. In this session, break-out groups and exercises will help you learn to apply these skills to your own influencing challenges.

Intercultural Communication and Leadership

Understand the influence of culture on business and improve your ability to work in and lead culturally diverse groups and teams. In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to work within and lead cross-cultural teams is ever more relevant. However, these teams can create challenges, as well as benefits. During this session, we will explore these challenges and their influence on communication and leadership. We will help you understand the influence of culture on business, provide insights on how to overcome the challenges identified and help you recognize the opportunities that exist to enable you to successfully lead high-performing cross-cultural teams.

Leading in Uncertainty

Learn how ego, eco and intuition fit together in an uncertain and complex world. This session will start by exploring the leadership principles of ego, eco and intuition, how they come together within organizations to form complex adaptive systems, and how your own leadership blend fits into this. We will then focus on applying this knowledge in practice. Using break-out spaces and small groups, we will discuss real-life challenges and consider practical insights, through the lens of the intelligence model. You will reflect on your own and others’ leadership blend and how you could experiment with a new leadership approach.

Leading Virtual Teams

Understand how leading virtual teams differs from face-to-face working.Leading virtual teams presents a unique challenge. Practices – good and bad – are amplified in the virtual space and this applies to the assumptions we all hold around leading and following. During this session we will explore your own assumptions and use a range of techniques to help you understand how to build connectivity with team members.

Leveraging Diverse Viewpoints

Understand the difference between a problem to solve and an ambiguity to manage, and learn to cope with conflicting ideas within your team. Successful companies and leaders are those who manage diversity and incompatibilities well, such as relationships and rules, stability and change, local and global operations, centralized control and decentralized empowerment. This polarity of thinking isn’t easy and many leaders, when faced with opposing views and diversities, focus only on eliminating the ‘wrong’ element. This session aims to help you manage complexity. We will share the art of Integrative thinking and review tools and processes to help you identify and manage the diversities and incompatibilities facing your team.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Understand the impact on individuals and teams of failing to hold a difficult conversation.In an organizational context, we have all experienced a ‘difficult’ conversation – or one that has not proceeded as well as we would like. This session will help you to understand the nature of difficult conversations, appreciating the roles people play and how this may be impacted by insecurities and hidden agendas. Whether you are a manager, leader or individual without any line management responsibility, this session will give you a framework and experience to approach the next conversation with confidence that it will not turn out to be ‘difficult’.

Managing relationships at work

Understand the barriers to effective relationships at work and discover how to strengthen them. Relationships at work form the key to successful business performance, particularly in a changing and highly stressful environment. Beginning with an online questionnaire, we will help you to understand your own connector type and how it can interact with that of others. We will explore how collaboration works across geographical and organizational boundaries, and consider how to influence without positional power. This session is particularly suitable for first-line and middle managers who wish to streng then relationships and improve their ability to resolve conflict, particularly in a high stakes situation.

Mindful Leadership in times of crisis

The remarkable circumstances we find ourselves in are resulting in increased levels of stress and anxiety. This, alongside the multiple demands from both personal and work life mean that many of us are feeling overwhelmed and unable to think clearly. Research evidence suggests that mindfulness practice can help. Ashridge conducted the world’s first wait-list control study examining the effects that mindfulness training could have on leadership capacities so vital now: resilience, collaboration and the ability to focus in complex situations. This workshop will explain what mindfulness is, the evidence base, how it links to leadership and how to practice.

Motivating your Team

Appreciate how your own and other people’s motivation drives behavior at work.Despite agreement that teamwork and engagement are a key pillar of collaborative working, levels of actual engagement remain low, with less than 1 in 7 of us describing ourselves as engaged in our work. This session draws on the latest research to provide you with insights into the four zones of team engagement and help you relate this to your own team and organization. We will help you to identify the challenges of motivating and engaging your team and explore how you can apply this knowledge to increase engagement for effective performance.

Self-Awareness for Managers

Improve your own self-awareness and recognize the benefits that can bring to your team and organization.The ability to understand yourself, your impact on others and how others perceive you is a critical skill in leadership development. During this session we will look at Emotional Intelligence as a leadership approach, and explore how the stories people tell about you (and how they differ from your own self-perception) are key to creating a high performance work culture.

Situational Leadership

Understand the consequences of adopting a rigid, inflexible leadership approach.The ‘one style fits all’ approach to leadership is outdated and leaders must be able to respond and adapt to the needs of the people and the situation they are leading. During this session we will introduce the Situational Leadership framework, which, unlike previous leadership models, is not based on the personality of the leader and so enables leaders to adapt their preferred style of leadership to the demands of the situation. It is suitable for managers and leaders at all levels of the organization who recognize that leadership flexibility is the key to performance management.


“The professor guided us very well and did a fantastic job of communicating and connecting with the participants, making the experience feel engaging and personal. When I finished the course, I had many ideas on how to put my learnings into practice. It was very informative, practical and a great use of my time.”

Digital Marketing Director, Travel industry

Attended the Managing Relationships at Work Leadership workshop



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