Digital Leadership

A highly dynamic program to develop the leadership skills needed for the global digital economy.


The world is now in the middle of a technology revolution that is fundamentally altering the way we lead and grow our businesses.

The sheer scale, scope and complexity of this change means leaders must think of very different strategies, mindsets and cultural shifts in the way they work, at a pace like never before. The digital technologies driving these transformations are now blurring the traditional lines between our physical, virtual and even biological worlds.

This program helps participants foster ideas for new digital strategies around where to operate and grow, and how to align existing business models and practices with new ones. Using a combination of experiential exercises, participants focus on the mindset needed to lead a business that is digitally fluent, customer centric and agile. Participants will then focus on the cultural transformation to be agile, comfortable and prosperous in a world of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Dates & Fees

Duration: 4 days, including 3 days residential


27 Jan - 29 Jan 2020

30 Jun - 02 Jul 2020

Fee: £4,600 + VAT
(fee excludes accommodation)

Who is this for?

Participants are normally leaders in an organization that is thinking about how to harness its digital capabilities better. Or, they are going/have been through a transformation process and need to understand how to continue creating digitally-led transformation in their organization. They will typically be searching for new ways of understanding how to drive growth and to lead the workforce in times of unprecedented change driven by technology.


Hari Mann

Hari Mann

PhD, MSc


Hult International Business School
Hult International Business School
Ashridge Executive Education