Leadership in Action: Observe, Experience and Overcome Challenges 

Our one-of-a-kind, fully immersive simulation aiming to condense years of leadership experience into a few days.


It can take 10 years of experience in the field for a manager to acquire the knowledge to lead an organization effectively. Thanks to our extensive research findings, this learning experience can be condensed into just a few days.

Through an immersive simulation reproducing real-life scenarios that are likely to arise in any organization, participants will learn key leadership lessons and practice their responses to extremely challenging situations.

  • Participants act as the Executive Management Team of a global organization
  • As a team they experience real-life organizational issues and challenges, where any decision could make or break the organization
  • Through managing high-pressure situations, leaders learn about themselves and pick up essential skills for their future success

Participants will receive extensive feedback, including a heart rate report and coping strategies from a sports coach, that will improve their self-awareness and resilience as well as their ability to think and act under pressure.

This opportunity is the ultimate test run, allowing future leaders to assess their readiness for leadership and prepare them for the challenges that are likely to arise.

Who is this for?

High-potential managers or specialists, with some first-line experience, possibly on a fast-track towards greater leadership responsibilities. They are looking for accelerated leadership and self-learning experience and are intrigued by the idea of a uniquely immersive simulation.

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"The program is the most transformational thing I’ve done for my leadership development. It feels incredibly real, and it gives you the opportunity to explore yourself in a completely unknown context. What I experienced and learned on the course is as valuable as the lessons I’ve learned from leading in real life over many years."

Lisa Day, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, Diabetes UK

Format & Dates

Program format

Blended: 5 days residential, 1 online course, 1x 2-hour virtual follow up, 3 executive coaching sessions


Blended: 6-10 September 2021

Online: 26-30 April 2021


Blended: £7,000 + VAT

Online: £4,250 + VAT

Onsite accommodation is charged separately to your program fee, to find out what's included please read our fee information here

Program Impact

Learning Outcomes for Participants:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop their confidence to step up into challenging leadership situations and make decisions within an uncertain and ambiguous environment
  • Handle difficult and emotional conversations with confidence, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence
  • Effectively manage their own stress, resilience, and recovery

Learning Outcomes for Organization:

Our research has found that people learn best when they feel stretched, but they also need to feel equipped to take on the challenge. This is exactly what we aim to do.

Participants will return to work capable of managing difficult situations, be more self-aware, and be able to lead and make decisions in ambiguous and volatile contexts.

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“A unique opportunity for experiential learning and development. Outstanding.”

Jonathan Walmsley, Principal, Marsden

"The Ashridge staff has been of tremendous help in creating that important feedback loop which is so important to anchor learnings and to become more self-aware of any shortcomings or improvement points. I was specifically impressed with their professionalism and their wide knowledge, not only on the simulation itself but also the topics surrounding it."

Richard Ten Have, Global Director Service Delivery, Spinger Nature

“The program's simulation was a very innovative, unexpected and insightful way to learn.”

Alexey Zavyalov, Global HR Marketing Lead, JTI


Max Neal

Rachel Sceats

Program Director

Vicki Culpin

Vicki Culpin

BA(Hons) MPhil, PhD, MSc

John Neal

Sona Sherratt

BA(Hons), MSc Honours

Mike Brent

Lee Waller

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

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