Customized Solutions

We design and deliver world-class customized development programs - blended or online - for corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations.

What makes us unique


We develop leaders of all levels

We build tailored solutions to develop leaders of all levels and needs, be they Senior Executives, Managers & Directors or High Potentials

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We embed in your business

We work in close partnership with our clients and all key stakeholders to understand their aims, objectives, business context, and learning preferences.

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We offer online or blended solutions

We offer engaging, interactive and flexible blended and online solutions to suit your organization’s needs.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is at the heart of what we do. People easily forget what you tell them, but seldom forget an experience and how it made them feel.

Experiential learning is about challenging, stretching and taking people out of their comfort zone, but in a fully supportive environment.

Our program experiences and simulations do just that: they recreate real-life business scenarios, so that participants can turn theory into practice and cement their learnings.


Our approach to experiential learning


Enhanced by Hult Ashridge research

Our simulations and experiential activities are backed by years of research. We give people the opportunity to turn theory into practice, experiment and grow.

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Led by expert faculty of practitioners

Involved from start to finish, our expert faculty lead the way and invest in each participant and their future.

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Delivered in a safe environment

We know how to make participants feel safe, so they can challenge themselves, be vulnerable and venture out of their comfort zone.


“The Leadership Experience Simulation is the most transformational thing I’ve done for my leadership development. It feels incredibly real, and it gives you the opportunity to explore yourself in a completely unknown context. What I experienced and learned on the course is as valuable as the lessons I’ve learned from leading in real life over many years.”

Lisa Day, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, Diabetes UK

Program Design

We work in partnership with each client to design and deliver a custom solution to address a strategic need or to strengthen organizational talent. We have developed a mind-set and methodology that is laser focused in helping organizations improve and executives excel. Your customized program will have the right combination of academic theory, experiential learning, and practical application. We measure our success, by your success.

customized design

**1.**We work with you to diagnose your people challenges and understand your organization’s needs

**2.**We prepare an engage participants through assessments, psychometric tests and virtual meetings

**3.**Our faculty deliver customized courses, combining academic theory with experiential learning

**4.**We follow-up with participants through virtual classes, peer coaching and online material

**5.**Finally, we assess what has changed in your organization post-program and measure impact

Case Studies


Sinopec Group

Growing an entrepreneurial mindset among senior leaders

  • For 500+ senior leaders
  • Focused on Sinopec’s most critical business needs: Leadership Skills, Strategic Thinking and Innovative Culture
  • Involved multiple experiential exercises (sailing or rowing) and time for reflection
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Continental AG

Online and Blended programs for all levels

  • Included exercises to develop self-awareness: peer-coaching sessions, physiological monitoring of stress reactions and mindfulness practice
  • Business simulations and live case challenges to encourage innovation and ideas
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Accelerated Leadership Program for high potentials

  • Delivered in the Middle East, using a blended learning approach
  • Included bite-sized online masterclasses and supported by action learning sets facilitated by regional Hult Ashridge coaches.
  • Focus on three themes: Delivering Sustainable Growth, Creating Leadership Legacies, Leveraging our Values
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