Assessment Solutions

Accurate and informed assessment can help provide businesses with meaningful insight at an individual, HR & L&D or senior leadership level

Assessment Solutions

What we do

At Ashridge, our understanding of the capabilities required of talent and leaders is informed by our experience of developing organisations and our real-world research. Our assessment solutions help your organization gather robust data to inform, shape and enhance development. This increases the relevance and impact of learning interventions.

Our assessment solutions help our clients to solve four key challenges:

•Defining a Leadership Strategy

•Identifying Capability & Potential

•Developing Individuals and Teams

•Demonstrating Learning Impact.

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Our Solutions

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Defining a Leadership Strategy

Common Challenges

What are the attributes of the leaders who will execute our business strategy


  • A clear view of the leadership or talent required in your organization
  • A strategic approach to talent or leadership development

Our Assessment Solutions

  • Competency Framework Design for Leaders and High Potentials
  • Success Profiling
  • Leadership Development Strategy Consulting

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Identifying Capability & Potential

Common Challenges

How well equipped are our people? Who are our future leaders? Who should we invest in for development?


  • Accurate data to guide investment

  • The right people on the right development at the right time

Our Assessment Solutions

Psychometric Assessments and Assessment Centres for:

  • High Potential Selection
  • Leadership Program Selection

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Developing Individuals & Teams

Common Challenges

What are the strengths and development areas of our people? How can they work more effectively together? How can they better handle conflict?


  • Increased self-insight and awareness

  • A plan to harness strengths and enhance development needs

Our Assessment Solutions

  • Psychometric Assessments

  • Individual, Team and Organizational Diagnostics

  • 360 Feedback Tool’s

  • Development centers

  • 1:1 Feedback and Coaching

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Demonstrating Learning Impact

Common Challenges

How do we justify our investment in people development? How do we measure behavioral change, and the application of learning?


  • A clear story of ROI (Return on Investment) and learning impact at individual or organizational level
  • Identification potential barriers to learning transfer

Our Assessment Solutions

  • Learning Impact Assessments

  • Success Case Methodology

  • Application Assignments

Our Clients

Ashridge designed customized developmental assessments for managers and executive directors in the UAE Government. This included personality assessments and a customized 360 feedback tool, supported by the creation of an in-depth development report discussed individually during a feedback and PDP planning session with each leader. The collective outcomes of the assessments were analysed and led to the design of an immersive leadership development experience delivered in San Francisco focused on disruptive innovation.

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Have one of our assessment advisors contact you. Please read our Ethical Test Policy to find out more about the use of Psychometric Instruments at Ashridge

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