Emerging stronger: How to reinvent your business model

May 19th, 2 pm GMT+1

To adapt to the recent massive shifts in consumer behavior, business leaders must reinvent their entire business model to survive - and hopefully thrive - in the next economy. This process leverages evidence in four steps: deconstruction, imagination, testing, and prototyping. This webinar will provide participants with logic, tools, and skills - bolstered by real-life examples and empirical data - for designing and refining business models to succeed in a new business landscape.

Join this 45-minute live session with Ted Ladd, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Dean of Research at Hult, to explore:

  • How to deconstruct your current business model into constituent elements
  • Ways to imagine new elements, new combinations, and even entirely new models to create and capture value
  • How to conduct multiple iterations of testing with potential customers at low cost
  • Ideas for creating working prototypes to validate business model assumptions

Speaker: Ted Ladd

When? May 19th, 2 pm GMT+1

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Speaker: Ted Ladd, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Dean of Research at Hult

Ted Ladd is the Dean of Research and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hult, teaching and researching the ideal methods to design new business models. He has participated in five high-tech, venture-capital-backed startups, mostly in Silicon Valley. Some blossomed; others withered. The most recent pioneered wearable technology until it was acquired by Google as the basis for WearOS.

Ted holds a PhD in business system design from Case Western Reserve, an MBA in entrepreneurship from Wharton, an MA in international economics from Johns Hopkins, and a BA from Cornell. His work has appeared in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, several academic journals, and dozens of academic and professional conferences, where it has won awards for best paper and most relevance to practicing entrepreneurs. He has won seven teaching awards for his classes on global strategy and pricing to Hult’s masters’ students.


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