Strengthening Connections at Work

June 8th, 9 am or 4 pm GMT+1

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In the past year, we have all seen the unprecedented shift to virtual working and digitization, bringing with it many new opportunities and technologies to stay in touch.

And yet, we are witnessing a reduction in “ human connection” and a decline in employee motivation, innovation, agility and adaptability – compound with an increase in loneliness, mental illnesses, and a sharp rise in employee burn-outs.

Being able to “connect” at a human level, even in this new more virtual world, has never been more important – and being able to encourage and embrace diversity and inclusion of different “connector profiles” will be critical for any organization to thrive, not just survive.

Join this free webinar with Guy Lubitsh, Professor of Leadership & Psychology who based on his latest book ‘Connect – resolve conflict, improve communication and strengthen relationships' will share some insights together with Dr. Carina Schofield, Senior Research Fellow at Hult Ashridge.

Join this 60-minute live session to explore how to:

  • Understand the changing context for relationships at work
  • Take stock of your personal connector style
  • Connect more effectively with team members
  • Apply key tips and techniques that will allow you to perform at your best

Participants will receive access to a questionnaire to discover their own connector type upon registration.

When? June 8th 2021

Catch up on the recording from our 4pm session!

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Our expert speakers:

Guy Lubitsh, Professor in Leadership & Psychology

Guy is a Chartered Organizational Psychologist with a sizeable track record working in the areas of organizational change, management, and leadership development. He is a Client Director at Hult International Business School with extensive experience working with senior management at multinational companies in Europe and the Middle East.

His latest book 'Connect– resolve conflict, improve communication and strengthen relationships' published by FT/Pearson is a collaborative project between two siblings, both doctors of psychology, with two different perspectives and different cultures. They came together to translate 50 years of combined workplace experience and clinical therapeutic experiences into a practical model which helps people to connect at a deep level and address the human need for connection and belonging.

Guy's work spans sectors and industries including; Novo Nordisk, BskyB, World Health Organisation, Diabetes UK, and British National Health Service. This often involves coaching and assisting senior executives on how to improve organizational performance through increasing their ability to improve personal impact and connecting with others on the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Guy Lubith

Dr. Carina Paine Schofield, Senior Research Fellow

Carina is a highly experienced researcher. Her research interests are in the areas of psychology (social, developmental, organizational, educational, and forensic) and technology (AI and the effective use of technology in enhancing learning).

Carina's first degree was in Applied Psychology and Computing. Following this, she gained a postgraduate diploma in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology from The Open University. She is also a member of the British Psychological Society.

The nature of Carina's research experience is interdisciplinary in terms of its strong link between theoretical and applied social science research in a number of settings. She has presented at various national and international conferences and as an invited speaker on several occasions to practitioners and policymakers.

Carina has been conducting research into the global multi-generation workforce for over ten years. Other examples of her research work at Hult Ashridge include: exploring the psychological challenges and experiences of working parents, and; investigating the impact of mobile learning technologies on the learning landscape.

Carina Schofield
Hult International Business School
Hult International Business School 
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