Strategy and Uncertainty Webinar

Strategy has always been crafted in an environment of uncertainty.

Today, however, what we do not know has become more important than what we do know. In the face of this we tend to either pretend that uncertainty does not exist and make bold predictions; or we allow it to dominate us and fail to make decisions.

We will begin by considering different types of uncertainty and suggest that there are two approaches which can be helpful: one is probabilistic, and the other is exploratory. Both treat strategy development and execution as an iterative, multi-move process.

We will focus on the less familiar exploratory approach, considering three elements: setting direction by giving a compass heading rather than a destination; adopting a series of evolving combinations of observing, acting to learn and shaping; and minimising maximum regrets.

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Event details

Date: Wednesday 25th September 2019

Time: 14:00

Who is this for: This webinar is for middle and senior managers running an operational unit or part of one, who are involved in developing or executing strategy or have to create business plans. It is also relevant for people running a function. It is designed to help you to set direction and make good decisions in an environment of high uncertainty.


In this webinar we will:

  • Distinguish different types of uncertainty
  • Examine a way of approaching strategy development and planning when uncertainty is very high
  • Discuss the barriers to adopting this approach and what can be done to lower them


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