Disruption, Change and Transformation in Organisations

Join Andrew Day, Organisation Development Consultant and Executive Coach from Hult Ashridge, for a webinar that will examine the emotional strain and challenges of disruption, studies the nature of organisation transformation and discusses what can be done to develop an organisation’s capacity to adapt and thrive in turbulent environments.

It is broadly known that an organisation’s long-term survival increasingly rests on its adaptive capacity, its ability to continuously change and transform itself. Yet, people experience ongoing and fundamental change as disorientating and unsettling because it challenges accepted assumptions and identities.

Andrew Day will give an outline of the central arguments of his book 'Disruption, Change and Transformation in Organisations', delving into the implications for leaders and discuss how coaches have a role in supporting leaders through periods of disruptive change.

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Date: Thursday 9th January 2020

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Event Type: Webinar


Hult International Business School
Hult International Business School
Ashridge Executive Education