Coaching in Cyberspace

Over the last few months we have been living, working and coaching in the cyberspace.

We have had to adapt to a new way of communicating, experience new challenges as we try to navigate new methods of coaching.

During this webinar we explored the psychological implications of living in a cyberspace, how we interact with our clients.

What have we lost, but also most importantly, what have we gained?

Meet our faculty

Tammy Tawadros

Tammy Tawadros

Tammy is an experienced coach, organisational consultant, and work psychologist. She holds an MSc in HR & Organisational Consulting, is an Ashridge Accredited Coach. Tammy worked as a learning and development manager before establishing her independent practice in 2001. She works across a broad range of sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

Her extensive experience includes executive coaching and leadership development, often using action learning and drama-based techniques. Tammy also works with boards, senior teams and cross-functional leaders to enhance their effectiveness and agility. She has worked with teams at all levels, helping them to build psychological safety, repair trust and to navigate complex change.

Tammy is increasingly engaged in exploring how individual and group level interventions help to sustain resilience in the face of continuous disruption, transition and uncertainty, and in helping organisations to harness compassion and connection as a source of resilience, and a foundation for successful collaboration and innovation. She also has a particular interest in the topics of technostress, the stress engendered by engaging with the future of work, and in resilience generally.

Tammy enjoys partnering with her clients to build their individual and organisational capabilities to nurture positive relationships; to lead and learn in the face turbulent change; and to manage transition. She is known for her ability to facilitate long lasting change, using psychologically informed insights and a deep understanding of group dynamics and human systems to help individuals, teams and whole organisations to develop and adapt.

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