About Heineken

Heineken is one of the world’s largest independent brewers. Over the last decade the business has changed significantly, growing in scale and complexity. Ongoing restructuring and culture change and a threat to their independent status made it a challenging environment in which to work.

Client: Heineken

Sector: Food and beverage

Overview: A highly experiential and deeply personal leadership program that took Heineken Global Talents willingly “to the edge.” Hult Ashridge Executive Education and Heineken jointly designed this program with the aim of preparing high potential leaders for future leadership challenges.

The Challenge

  • Increasingly stringent marketing restrictions and government-led duty increases placed leaders under additional pressure
  • Global Talents tasked with delivering great performance with reduced resources and increased ambiguity
  • Global Talents required to step up beyond their current responsibilities.
Ryan Eagar, Director Global Learning and Development

“This program empowers high potential leaders from Heineken by significantly deepening self-awareness of their strengths, development areas and impact on others. Through the program, we inspire our next generation of top leaders to continually extend their influence across the organization in driving business value.”

Ryan Eagar, Director Global Learning and Development


The Solution

We developed a one-week, co-designed immersive program that contained frequent “stretch encounters” designed to push participants towards the outer limits of their potential. Stepping up was a critical element of the program design, moving from building foundations at the start, to taking increasing risks throughout the week and participating in an award-winning simulation.

The Impact

Participants embraced their responsibility as role models, in bringing life to new business behaviors , practising new, more empowered leadership and acting as change agents for the business. This has had a ripple effect across the organization, changing the culture of the business and ensuring people are aligned to Heineken’s vision.

“It has enabled Heineken’s Global Talents to succeed against our current and future business challenges in a very fast moving environment – enabling and empowering them to become the role models for the performance-driven and values-based culture change required to achieve our strategic objectives”. Chris Van Steenbergen, Chief HR Officer, Heineken.

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