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About BMI Healthcare

BMI Healthcare is one of the UK’s largest private hospital operators with 59 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK.

Client: BMI Healthcare

Sector: Healthcare

Overview: BMI Healthcare wanted a rolling leadership development program that their high potential leaders could join throughout the year. They wanted to expose their leaders to the latest business and leadership knowledge in a thought-provoking environment

The Challenge

  • Want’ to achieve business growth by providing higher quality than competitors
  • Need’ to create a shared language and high-performance culture
  • Require’ a pipeline of ‘home-grown leaders’ ready to take on leadership roles in the next 12-24 months.
Elaine Bartlett, Head of Operational HR, Talent and Learning

“The thought-provoking nature of the programs has taken our leaders to a new level”

Elaine Bartlett, Head of Operational HR, Talent and Learning

BMI Healthcare

The Solution

Ashridge provided rolling access to two of the most popular open programs – the Senior Executive Program and the Advanced Management Program. In addition to this, a wider selection of BMI employees were provided access to the Virtual Ashridge portal.

‘Connecting Leaders’ events, with risk sessions facilitated by a professional poker player were designed to help people look at things from a different angle.

The Impact

“The programs have taken our leaders to the next level. Ashridge has helped our people to meet the challenge of progressing to executive directors, meaning people are promoted internally, saving on recruitment costs.

Hult Ashridge is an integral part of BMI Healthcare’s broader leadership development strategy, and people coming up through the pipeline aspire to join the program.”

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