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Professor and author Vlatka Hlupic voted one of the Most Influential International HR Thinkers 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, Professor Vlatka Hlupic has been voted one of the world's HR Most Influential Thinkers. The prestigious top 30 international list, in which Professor Hlupic is ranked 11th this year was compiled by HR Magazine and announced during a ceremony last night at Claridges in London.

Vlatka Hlupic is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Transformation at Hult Ashridge Executive Education (formerly Ashridge Business School), Visiting Professor at Birkbeck, University of London, CEO of The Management Shift Consulting Ltd, and Founder and CEO of the Drucker Society London.

She is also the author of “The Management Shift: How to Harness the Power of People and Transform Your Organization for Sustainable Success”, an award-winning best-seller and one of Forbes’ top eight business books in 2014. In 2018, she published her latest book,"Humane Capital: How to Create a Management Shift to Transform Performance and Profit" which was selected as one of the top five business books in 2018 by HR Magazine.

Additionally, Prof Hlupic is a renowned professional keynote and TEDx speaker and has published over 350 articles in journals, business publications, books and conference proceedings, and has won several awards for her contributions. She is an associate editor, guest editor and a member of editorial boards for a number of international journals, and her expert comments have appeared in many business publications and newspapers.

In Humane Capital, Prof Hlupic opens the door to the 4th Industrial Revolution, explaining how companies can do well by doing good – how they can maintain profitability while benefiting the world around them. Drawing on over 20 years of research, she presents a critique of the reasons why companies still approach this idea with skepticism, despite proven research that demonstrates long-term gains for companies that work hard to proactively promote goodwill internally and externally – between stakeholders, employees, customers and society.

The foreword for this book was written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The book’s content is supported by insights from interviews with 58 CEOs, Chairmen and other senior leaders of industry and professional bodies, and argues for a radical reassessment of current business models. Using stories from managers within the private and public sectors who have been effective in making the transition, Prof Hlupic shows how successful leaders have moved their organisations from a controlled and orderly to an enthusiastic and collaborative culture – and shows how current leaders and managers can do the same.

A Humane Capital board game was developed to help organisations put ideas from the book into practice. Details are available at:

Prof Hlupic has appeared on more than 50 public platforms in since 2015 and has presented at events at the Houses of Parliament, European Commission, Global Peter Drucker Forum, Home Office, the Economist and Financial Times. In addition to her many published articles, she is also an associate editor, guest editor and a member of editorial boards for a number of international journals, and her expert comments have appeared in many business publications and newspapers.

Commenting on the award, she said: “I am delighted and very humbled to have my work recognised in this way for the fifth consecutive year. I feel extremely proud to be part of this prestigious HR community of influential thinkers.

“Helping individuals, companies and society to do well by doing good and create happier, more purposeful and successful workplaces is my passion - it’s my life purpose. It gives me drive, energy and motivation, and it’s hugely satisfying to see the practical impact of my ideas."

“What I have seen in many companies are over-controlling management styles and systems that employees find stifling and demotivating. Companies need a better understanding of human psychology and motivation. I call it humanising management - treating people with respect, and distributing power and decision-making. The results, in terms of performance and success, can be astonishing. This is why I have written my books, The Management Shift and Humane Capital.”

Through her consultancy, The Management Shift Consulting Ltd, Vlatka and her team are helping various organisations in the public and private sectors to shift their performance to a higher level, using the tools and methods she developed over more than 20 years of her academic and consulting career.

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