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Ashridge Partnership with Diabetes UK and Novo Nordisk Declared Overall Winner at EFPIA 2018 Health Collaboration Award

The Health Collaboration Awards recognize and showcase collaborative projects that have benefited the lives of patients across Europe. With over 80 entries received for this award, winning it is a tremendous achievement.

Describing the initiative, Ali Stunt, Founder and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Europe and member of the jury panel said: This project was worthy of being the overall winner due to its innovative collaboration between the NHS, industry and the patient organization. It demonstrated clear benefit to both patients and the healthcare system. Empowering clinical champions allows them to affect real change from the ground up.

About the Diabetes UK Clinical Champion Program

The program began with an ambition to make a difference in diabetes healthcare delivery despite facing a seemingly impossible situation. A process of exploration led to the idea of creating and recruiting voluntary diabetes specialists from within the NHS with the remit of making change happen, supported by the partnership and the program. By bravely committing to addressing failings and risks, health professionals joined forces in a crusade and have addressed highly complex challenges. Their work is producing major improvements and has led to the delivery of multiple tangible changes. As one participating champion put it: “The program supports people to achieve things they never thought they could in terms of diabetes care improvement.”

For other organizations facing similarly complex challenges, the program is a reminder of the power of collaboration – of new possibilities made real through shared vision, belief and inventiveness – and offers an ingenious and adaptable model.

Giving their reaction to the news Chris Askew, Chief Executive, Diabetes UK, said “With a stretched healthcare system, we need to take different approaches to improving care. Who better to change the system than the healthcare professionals in it. This accolade recognises our ambitious and creative partnership which is enabling clinicians to lead change, tangibly improving care for people with diabetes. We are incredibly proud”.

Pinder Sahota, General Manager and Corporate Vice President, Novo Nordisk UK said: “Novo Nordisk is delighted to be part of this innovative program in which our unique partnership has been able to support highly talented, motivated and passionate healthcare professionals to make a real difference to people living with diabetes”

“It is wonderful to be recognized for leading this ambitious initiative to address problems associated with diabetes, as it impacts so many lives around the world. I have enjoyed bringing together a unique partnership across organizational boundaries and a thriving community of clinical leaders who are passionate about changing services. It was inspiring to see such an astonishing effect on the system without adding any extra resources.” Dr. Guy Lubitsh, Client Director, Ashridge Executive Education.

From EFPIA, Director General Nathalie Moll comments: “As we seek to address the challenges faced by patients and our healthcare systems, partnership and collaboration will be key. No one sector has all the answers and by putting patients at the heart of projects, pooling our resources and expertise and finding new, innovative ways of addressing health needs it is amazing what we can achieve. The entries and winners of this year’s Health Collaboration Awards are fantastic examples of that approach and I hope will provide food for thought and inspiration to us all.”

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