The Great Wall of China escapades

With the conclusion of Module E, my fellow classmates and I took off to explore Asia. Some people went as far as Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Yours truly, went to Beijing – where, in the company of my friend Peter from Hungary, we saw the Forbidden City, climbed the Great Wall, practiced Tai-chi at the Temple of Heaven, and consumed deep-fried scorpions at dusk. These were very exhausting yet rewarding days as we completed our journey back to Shanghai with a 15-hour train ride! Although a journey of this distance doesn’t make for “traveling in style,” we encountered some welcoming people along the way, whom of which offered us food and drink, and tried to converse with us in English (with the assistance of an English-Mandarin dictionary). For moments like these, it’s worth taking the road less traveled.

Hult Graduation Dinner
As the theme of the Graduation Dinner was “dress to impress,” I can confidentially conclude that no one disappointed, and all Hultainians present were in their best edition. Superb dining, great music and amazing people made this particular evening one for the books. I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to my adventures at Hult’s Shanghai campus than by seeing all my friends once more, before we scattered around the globe. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!

AIESEC & Hult Partnership Launch
Amongst many lessons learned at Hult – this one always comes to mind: “Opportunities are a dime a dozen so make sure you grab as many as you can.” Together with Antonije Radovic, Associate Director for Recruitment at Hult and Ahmad Ashkar, CEO  & Founder of Hult Global Case Challenge, I was bestowed the privilege of delivering the Hult Partnership launch at AIESEC International Congress in Moscow. As a former AIESECer, this was truly an honor.

This being my final blog entry documenting my Hult Global Experience, I would like to express gratitude to all of the people back home who’ve supported me in getting here, to all of the fellow MIB/MBA Hult classmates who’ve welcomed me with open arms, and lastly to Hult for making this experience come to life!

Radomir Milosevic,
Hult Global Experience
Shanghai, Study program Recipient 2012

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