Executive Doctorate in Organisational Change

Transformative Professional Doctorate Programme

Are you a leader who wants to work beyond the confines of traditional leadership?

If you want to explore the territory beyond conventional organisation and leadership theories and develop radical new approaches to organisational change, join our doctoral open day to learn more.

Event Overview

If you want to explore the territory beyond conventional organisation and leadership theories and develop radical new approaches to organisational change, join our doctoral open day.

Discover more about our doctoral programme of advanced study and inquiry, hear from faculty and talk to our admissions team while learning more about whether our doctoral programme is right for you.

This open day will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people who are considering undertaking doctoral study to enhance their professional and personal lives.

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Event Details

Date: 11th May 2023
Time: 12:30-16:30
Venue: Zoom

‘Thank you for an exceptionally interesting session.  I truly enjoyed myself and came away enthused about this innovative program and the value of action research.’

Peter Christensen, NYU

EDOC Alumni

Alexandra Stubbings, BA(Hons) MSc DProf

Alexandra is an OD consultant and coach specialising in systems leadership for low carbon transformation and positive impact.

She is MD of Talik & Co, a purpose-led OD consultancy, and worked for Ashridge for nine years, consulting and teaching. She teaches at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Canada’s Academy for Sustainable Innovation.

A member of ADOC2, she graduated in 2013. Through her doctoral research she developed a systemic change model that has been at the core of her practice for the last seven years.

Clients include: UK Government, NHS, Food Standards Agency, McAlpine, Emirates Foundation, Sierra Leone Govt, Barclays, Microsoft, Renewable Energy Systems, UK Green Building Council, Kings College London.

EDOC Faculty

James Traeger, BA(Hons), PG Dip, PhD

James is an organisational and personal development specialist with extensive practical delivery and teaching experience.

From 1996-2006 he specialised in organisational and leadership development, with clients including the Metropolitan Police Service, Newham NHS Trust, Surrey County Council, Thus Plc and the University of Cambridge. He created the Navigator Men’s Development Programme and won acclaim for his work on the Metropolitan Police’s ‘gender agenda’.

It was a yearning to get under the skin of this gender work that brought him to Action Research and Inquiry. In 2004, he started the journey towards an inquiry-based PhD. His thesis, entitled On Mentshlichkeit: An Inquiry into the Practice of Being a Good Man, was the culmination of six years of action research into the discomforts and dilemmas faced by a man attempting to ‘be the change’ of a masculinity that actively attempts to disrupt the sexist power structures of organisations, rather than just ‘talking about it’. In this work, he was inspired into futuristic narrative and dialogue, by the loving voices of challenge and support he heard in the course of his diverse roles in work and learning communities, and as a father and a Jew.

About the qualification

Executive Doctorate in Organisational Change

Work beyond the confines of traditional leadership. Embark on transformational journey of action inquiry and develop your own solutions to organisational and societal issues

  • Application Deadline: October 2023

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